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jan. 14, 1945 air battle over Derben, Germany

I thought I would write this post in the hopes someone doing a little googling might find it. I am researching an air battle over Derben, Germany on Jan. 14, 1945 in which my grandfather, Mario “Marty” Rose, was shot down in a B-17. He was a member of the 568th Bomb Squadron, 390th Bomb […]

some thoughts on the future of digital journalism

I was recently asked by the publisher of a mid-sized newspaper that I used to work for to critique the paper’s website. I went further than that and offered my thoughts on the future of newspaper websites in the Internet age. I’ve made a couple edits and took out the name of the paper, not […]

A death in the desert as world peace experiment stumbles

It was to be a mind-altering experience: Three years, three months and three days spent in silence in a remote desert valley, meditating on the great mysteries of life and praying for an end to war and suffering. But now the experiment for world peace has gone wrong. One of the participants is dead after being kicked out of “great retreat” amid accusations he and his wife had engaged in bizarre, spiritually inspired domestic violence. […]

The democratization of facts

Chicago Tribune workplace columnist Rex Huppke wrote an obituary for “facts” the other day that is getting a lot of attention. I thought it might be interesting to examine some of the facts he cites.

Though few expected Facts to pull out of its years-long downward spiral, the official cause of death was from injuries […]

can you get a stroke from doing yoga?

Does yoga cause strokes? New York Times science reporter William J. Broad has certainly been making the case that it does. In his new book “The Science of Yoga,” Broad makes the case that yoga is associated with rare type of strokes caused by either cartoid or vertebral artery dissection — tears in one of […]

how dangerous is this whole ‘yoga’ thing, anyway??

It’s enough to disquiet even advanced practioner’s savasana — the idea that yoga can “wreck your body.” The yoga world has been thrown into a tizzy by a Jan. 5 article by New York Times lead science writer William J. Broad, suggesting that the “‘the vast majority of people’ should give up yoga altogether. […]

the unfair fairness doctrine

I am one of these people who will do a lot of research to win an argument. Like sometimes a lot of research. Actually of course with Google, Google Books and Google News’ archive search, research can pretty easy. It’s surprising how many people won’t do any research and will just rely on ideology to […]

the john roberts retirement rumor

So did people here about this John Roberts retirement rumor thing? Radar posted this item about how the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was considering retiring, and then quickly retracted it.

The Above the Law blog claims that Radar got this from a law school exercise. Apparently Georgetown University professor Peter Tague began […]

NPR, Center for Public Integrity ignored details in University of Wisconsin alleged rape case

This week NPR and the Center for Public Integrity highlighted the case of Laura Dunn, a former University of Wisconsin student who says she was raped April 4, 2004, by two members of the men’s crew team. The case, which was picked up by a number of blogs, is said to show how campus judicial […]

associated press journalists on twitter

In no particular order, and by no means a comprehensive list.

@azagier – Alan Scher Zagier – Columbia, Mo. @DCArtBeat – Brett Zongker, D.C. arts/culture/museum scene @c_kim – Caroline Kim, mobile editor. @slyon66 – Santiago Lyon, director of photography. @emfred – Emily Fredrix, food industry. (based in Milwaukee). @annajobratton – Anna Jo Bratton, Omaha, Neb. […]

before the ferries got there.

Cropped from this photo by grego.

interesting NYT story on gender roles at restaurants

By Frank Bruni:

Although the goal in many public places and in much of public life is to treat men and women equally, most upscale restaurants haven’t reached that point.

Then again they haven’t really tried all that hard. They’ve learned that ignoring gender is risky, and often foolish, because men and women approach and […]

NYT’s Tierney: Gender gap in running suggests men are naturally more competitive

I’m quite a fan of the NYT’s John Tierney, and he has another interesting column today exploring personality differences between men and women. On personality tests, Tierney writes, “women are more cooperative, nurturing, cautious and emotionally responsive. Men tend to be more competitive, assertive, reckless and emotionally flat. Clear differences appear in early childhood and […]

craig newmark on bloomberg tonight…

Posted for a friend of mine ….

Tonight on the BLOOMBERG TELEVISION(r) program “Night Talk” anchor Mike Schneider talks to Craigslist founder Craig Newmark about the eBay lawsuit, politics, and the quirky culture at craigslist.org.

“Its not that we’re anti-social, its just that we don’t care about money the way corporations usually do…nothing altruistic or […]

‘The Uneven Playing Field — Girls’ Sports Injuries’

I thought this story in the NYT magazine was v. interesting particularly for its obv. implications for gender equality. Apparently in the wake of Title IX, girl and young women athletes are getting hurt far more often than male athletes.

Michael Sokolove writes:

Girls and boys diverge in their physical abilities as they enter puberty […]

i’m still here

Hi, sorry about blog-absence, I am still here alive and kicking. New Jersey Marathon on Sunday! I am hoping for about a 3:40 or so. I am still working the overnight shift at the L.U.N.O. (Large Unnamed News Organization).

Actually I need to think about other career options as the company is “regionalizing” the department […]


Via the NYT, here’s the Myspace page of “Kristen,” the girl in the Spitzer scandal…

why can’t news stories LINK!!!

This is from the NYT as they published it on their Web site.

As a result, the embeds have changed the dynamic of this year’s election, making every unplugged and unscripted moment on the campaign trail available for all to see. One particular video shot of American flags tilting over behind Hillary Rodham Clinton last […]

what a news week

There was no mega-story this week, obv., like the Indian Ocean tsunami or the Va. Tech shootings or the Sago mine disaster … but jeez, it has still been busy with a lot of different stories:

The highest rated Super Bowl ever ended in a massive upset Super Tuesday didn’t clarify anything for the Democrats, […]


So beginning Jan. 14, I will be working the graveyard shift! I knew I’d likely (certainly?) have to do a stint on overnights when I took this gig at the LUNO (Large Unnamed News Organization). I will be working my first shift 9 p.m. – 7 a.m. Monday to Thursday. It’ll be four, 10 hour […]