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The blog is still alive and kicking, barely. I guess when I see a news story I want to post or neat new video I am more likely to post it on my Facebook rather than here. And I have sort-of run out of topics to blog about! Please give me some new ideas in […]

i’m still here

Hi, sorry about blog-absence, I am still here alive and kicking. New Jersey Marathon on Sunday! I am hoping for about a 3:40 or so. I am still working the overnight shift at the L.U.N.O. (Large Unnamed News Organization).

Actually I need to think about other career options as the company is “regionalizing” the department […]

new blog design for new year

Well so I have given this blog a new “theme” and a new name for the new year. The old one was getting tired, donchya think? There are a few other blogs named after the Iggy Pop song (or not), but one is based in Slovenia, another seems to involve romance novels, and the third […]

milblogger writes about own death

Here. Andrew Olmstead was killed by small arms fire in Iraq.

This is an entry I would have preferred not to have published, but there are limits to what we can control in life, and apparently I have passed one of those limits. …

I suppose I should speak to the circumstances of my death. […]

the decline and fall of the personal blogworld

It is a little surprising how many personal blogs have “gone dark” this year. And the ones that are still around, just don’t have the same vitality and energy as they once did. (This blog v. much included in that statement). There really hasn’t been any fresh new voices to take up the slack either, […]


I’ve finally upgraded my WordPress to version 2.0.5. Also installed another anti-comment spam device in the form of a simple math question. If you are a registered user you won’t have to deal with it, though.

the rundown: nyc marathon edition

It’s back! This edition of the Rundown tries to capture that moment when runners “hit the wall” in the 2006 NYC Marathon. (The Rundown is like this blog-carnival roundup I started last year, then got bored with and gave up).

Flygirl writes about how she fought to come in under four hours.

Back in my […]

thoughts on blogging

Yes this blog has gotten me in a little trouble from time to time. And maybe it has gotten a little silly lately. Like, uh, some of the questions that were posed to me? I think I might try to affect a tone of a little more “detached aloofness” and not respond to every single […]

questions, answered (part 2)

Okay, Hamptons, no more questions for you! But I’ll answer the ones you have posed. And if anyone (else) has more you have until the end of today (Friday) to get ’em in.

Monday: How tall are you? How long have you been running? Next planned trip to Western Canada?

Your question actually prompted me […]

questions, answered (part 1)

C’mon folks, you can do better than these questions! But here are the answers so far. If anyone has more questions, you have until Friday to get ’em in.

Tom: Hey Derek, Riddle me this: I’m a fellow reporter and I’d like to know how you landed your current job. How many yrs experience did […]

everyone loves a good catfight

Via RKB, this is really funny. Apparently a bunch of woman bloggers met Bill Clinton last week and one wore a shirt that was ever-so-slightly form fitting (huge photo here), leading to condemnation lighthearted mockery by an older woman blogger. Now about 1,000+ comments and 256 blog-posts have been devoted to “boobgate” … You can […]

ip hash commenters

I’ve added a little peice of code (from here) to my blog template to prevent “sockpuppets,” people using multiple comment aliases to pretend to be more than one person. (An innocent example). Basically before each comment you’ll see something like this:

derek rose Says: September 14th, 2006 at 9:43 am from [MsynZz]

The MsynZz is […]

bad blogger

Sorry I’ve been such a sucky blogger. Been busy with work and secret projects. I did want to say I had a very bloggy weekend. Met Curly Su on Friday, finally, and I took her for her first run in Central Park. On our way there we ran into Chelle walking down 10th Ave., by […]

Rundown: Broad Street Run edition

Latest Rundown, up and running.

Rundown – Boston marathon edition

It’s up and running, check it out.

gawker insanity

Okay … so I did say I wasn’t going to blog at work … but it’s Easter Sunday and there’s really nothing going on … except to check out blogs … where I learned Jared Paul Stern was given a guest-blogging gig at Gawker! And he’s been editing comments! Also, check out this thread which […]


So my longtime readers may remember that a year ago this month, I had to write a story about bloggers dating. I blogged about said story here and here. It is time to offer congratulations to two of the men featured in said article … I will be able to say, I knew them when.


new blog policies

Okay, to keep his ass out of trouble, the editor of The Derek Rose Blog has instituted the following policies, effective immediately:

No posts quoting identifiable friends or co-workers without their permission. This has always been my policy, actually, but I am explictly stating it just for the record. No pictures of friend’s or co-worker’s […]


Okay, so I don’t know how many of y’all have been following the Washington Post’s “Red America” controversy. But a quick recap: Ben Domenech is this 24-year-old screechy editor of the blog “Red State” whose idea of dialogue was calling Coretta Scott King a “communist.” (As Facing South notes, this was the kind of line […]

Rundown: Brooklyn half-marathon edition

Sometimes, it just comes naturally. You just zone out, become a machine, and just find your pace. The Brooklyn half-marathon was like that Saturday for Uptown Girl:

When I hit straightaways, if all is well, I can just hit that “cruise control.” It’s almost to the effect of feeling effortless. A much different feeling than […]