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I watched the debates with a six-person focus group the News (Maggie Haberman and I) had assembled for this very purpose. The most pro-Bush participant, a NYU college student who had volunteered at the RNC, said, “I’m going to go home and cry…” She said Bush had given a fiery speech at the convention, […]

Eeek. The BBC reports that several managers at a Chinese public broadcasting station have been fired after asking contestants in a prime-time quiz show to guess how many children died in the Beslan school massacre.

They were offered a choice of between 302 to 402 … the correct number was 329.

Did the 18-mile marathon tune-up in the park yesterday. 2:36. Felt good afterwards. Maybe I will do a fall marathon after all.

I’m not conceding anything. Yanks still have a series to play against the Twins while we play the D-Rays. This is not over.

So now Boston is 91-60, Oakland, 86-64, Anaheim, 85-67 and Texas, 84-67.

If Texas goes 11-0 (and Oakland wins the division), Sox must win at least five to win the wild card outright.

As for Anaheim … if Boston wins three more games, and finishes 94-68. Anaheim would have to go 9-1 to […]

Apparently there is a web site that does this. Although its “playoff clinch” number is the number needed to clinch at least a tie, rather than an outright clinch.

Math exercise: Boston is now 90-60. Oakland, 87-63. Anaheim, 85-66. Anaheim and Oakland have six games against each other remaining. How many games must Boston win to be assured the AL wild-card berth?

Let’s see … if Boston wins just four more games and goes 94-68 … Anaheim would have to go 9-2 to […]

Soxaholix.com: may be even better than Boston Dirt Dogs… awfully funny. We’re still in good shape…

I am heading to New Orleans for the hurricane. not sure how i’m getting there yet.

Friday: Arroyo (9-9) v. El Duque (8-0)Sat: Lowe (14-11) v. Lieber (11-8) … lots of ground ballsSun: Pedro (16-5) v. Mussina (10-9)

So John Kerry has lately:

mispronounced the name of Green Bay Packers stadium Lambeau Field as “Lambert Field” during a visit to Green Bay. claimed his favorite Red Sox player was “Manny Ortez.” (We do have a Manny Ramirez and a David Ortiz, but no Manny Ortez.) claimed the Red Sox were 2 […]

The widening Newsday circulation scandal just gets more and more interesting. Apparently the Newsday circulation managers, under scutiny from ABC auditors, claimed they were selling thousands of papers through a street-hawking operation. “Well, we’d like to see it,” the auditors said. Only there were no street hawkers. So the managers invented a sham — […]

I have packed my bags … may be heading down to Florida for Hurricane Ivan tomorrow!

Suspect documents, silver stars, purple hearts, the Alabama National Guard … bleah bleah bleah.

With all the issues facing the country, I can’t believe how much this presidential campaign (both sides) has dwelled on Vietnam! Get over it! It was three decades ago … who cares!

(okay, maybe people care somewhat. but these this […]

How lame is Rob Neyer? I’ve liked some of his writing, but jeez, he doesn’t do himself any favors here with his campaign against a rival book about “a day in the life” of Fenway park. (His own book, which he e-published, was unbelieably bad, IMHO). Not only did he post a bad review […]

A sweep! 8-1 on the toughest stretch in the season!Obviously puts us in a very comfortable position … but worth noting that Twins have now won 7 of 10 and trail Oakland by only two games in the loss column. So if the AL East wins the wild card, that wild card winner might […]

Marine Corps News>Marines have constructed a minature Fenway Park in Iraq, using over 200 panels of recycled wood, old light poles and 120 gallons of green paint.

“It was a two-week project,” said Cpl. Jason M. Samuels, 22, and an artillery mechanic with the unit. “Putting up the Green Monster was the hardest part. […]

Two consumer products to recommend:

The Gillette Mach 3 Power. This is the vibrating razor you see advertised on TV. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the various Mach 3 models — until this. It really is smooth; it seems like it takes fewer strokes to get a good shave. Braun Oral […]

So five three-game series left: Oakland, Tampa Bay (2) and New York (2), as well as three four-games series: Baltimore (2) and Seattle.

We’re in good shape, but no room to relax…

I was here when this lone protester was arrested … police said she was demonstrating illegally, blocking foot traffic and gave her a 30-second opportunity to leave. When she didn’t immediately take it, she got hauled away in handcuffs.There was almost no pedestrians on the 11th Ave. sidewalk, which was easily able to […]