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mr. doggie

I saw this skit on “Little Britain USA”, a new sketch comedy show on HBO. “Mr. Doggie” is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, just like the puppy I recently puppy-sat … I told Kaylie’s owners that this is what she’ll be like when she gets bigger…


tunnel to towers run

march Originally uploaded by derek7272

So I keep wanting to do the Tunnel to Towers Run and unfortunately I keep missing it. (Someone needs to come up with a calendar (hopefully with ical-export capacity so you can plug in to Google Calendar) that shows all NYC-area running events, and not just the ones sponsored […]

sponsor my friend Bex!

My friend Rebecca is running the NYC Marathon to raise money in the fight against blood cancer and is looking for some people to sponsor her…

So, I am offering a fun new opportunity — you can sponsor me for a mile! On my website, I will list the miles 1-26 for the NYC marathon, […]

ground zero pics

In addition to the photo page I have set up for the “east bathtub”, I’ve added another one for pictures of ground zero as a whole. Slow progress…

‘Thousands of new citizens take oath in Boston’

This story reads like it was edited by a BoSox fan!

BOSTON (AP) — It was held at the home of Red Sox Nation, but the thousands gathered in the seats were there to swear allegiance to an even larger and more powerful nation.

The Oath of Citizenship was taken at Fenway Park by 3,082 […]

kaylie in her dallas cap

kaylie loves romo Originally uploaded by derek7272

Who knew puppies were such a huge fan of Monday Night Football? Kalie is a huge Dallas supporter and picked them to beat the spread. She also thought that pass interference call on Anthony Henry in the first quarter was horse#@*. I asked her how, being just […]

kaylie — day 1

So I am in possession of the cutest little puppy! Got her yesterday and will be puppy-sitting I think until next Thursday. On Wednesday we went to a doggy run. I had to step in to defend Kaylie’s virginity and honor a little bit from the bigger boy doggies. Right now she is sleeping […]

fashion week coverage

Here is The Derek Rose Blog’s Fashion Week coverage. You didn’t think I would let you down on this, did you? Okay so it is just choppy cell phone video I took from the Joanna Mastroianni show on Tuesday. I did what I could!

(I have other videos here (the finale when everyone came […]

NYT’s Tierney: Gender gap in running suggests men are naturally more competitive

I’m quite a fan of the NYT’s John Tierney, and he has another interesting column today exploring personality differences between men and women. On personality tests, Tierney writes, “women are more cooperative, nurturing, cautious and emotionally responsive. Men tend to be more competitive, assertive, reckless and emotionally flat. Clear differences appear in early childhood and […]

singles map of the united states, revisited

So remember that “singles map of the United States” I blogged about awhile back? Via Gawker, this guy says it is bunkus because it counted all singles aged 20-64. When you look at people in their 20 and 30s there are actually more unmarried men than women in New York City and around the nation. […]

puppytime almost here…

puppy Originally uploaded by derek7272

Puppytime is almost upon us! I am picking up young Kaylie McCay on Wednesday. I may even will even write a daily report. I am hoping little Kaylie will bring me some luck with the ladies, who seem irresistibly drawn to her cute doggie face.



So we had to have a redraft of the fantasy football league ’cause not enough people came the first time. My new picks:

1. (3) Brian Westbrook RB 2. (18) Braylon Edwards WR 3. (23) Willis McGahee RB 4. (38) Chad Johnson WR 5. (43) Antonio Gates TE 6. (58) B. Roethlisberger QB 7. (63) […]