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So this blog is apparently also run by a Derek Rose … one that has a lot better design sense than I do. Huh. He also has an an Ass of the Week feature… hmm… one way to keep driving visitors back to one’s site.

Apparently he’s from Tennessee:

My name is Derek Rose, I live in Chattanooga, TN with my wife Jenee’ and our two dogs Max and Rye. I’ve been interested in web design for about 5 years, and have been designing “professionally” for about 2 and a half years. My web design company is called Sokt Design and is virtually unpronouncable by anyone that tries. (The correct pronunciation is “Soaked”) I work full time at The Plaque Shack, a trophy company in Chattanooga, where I lay out plaques, trophies, etc., and also design and maintain web sites selling our products online.

When I saw the title of theFive Reasons I Like Opera post I was thinking he’d turn out to be really cultured as well, but it’s about the Internet browser…

NYP parking zones

(UPDATE 5/18/06: Here’s an updated list, download this list instead.)

Here’s a list of NYP parking spaces I typed in for my Palm Pilot… I thought others could use it.

NYP Parking

ManhattanAlbany St. (S. End Ave & West St) S 6Broadway (W 25th & W 26th) W 2Broadway (W 37th & W 38th) […]