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small claims court case – update

So regarding my previously-blogged-about small claims case against my ex-landlord, I did get the check from the management company this week. Have already sent half to my ex-roomie and used the rest of pay off debts…

I win!!!!

So remember how my old landlord withheld one month of my security deposit last year? In case you don’t, to recap: A few months after signing a two-year lease with my then-girlfriend C., we split up. We gave them plenty of notice, but they didn’t find a new tenant. So we continued paying rent […]

goodbye to all that

Sooo, I am at the Coffee Pot across the street from my apartment writing this, as my computer is all packed up. I am waiting for the moving truck to come — they went to Ninth Street rather than Ninth Ave. Grrr. Just a few more hours in Hell’s Kitchen, then I’ll be Tribeca boy. […]

my apartment on youtube

After the jump, you can see it as it was shown to us.

apartment in shambles…

messy apartment… Originally uploaded by derek7272.

So we moved in Thursday and are still unpacking. It is sort of a disaster zone in fact. I’m def. happy to be living with my girlfriend, but we have lots of work to do getting settled! We have two of everything and so much “stuff.” It can […]

My (old) apt., on craigslist

Here. They’re trying to get more money for it.

I will have more to say in a bit … been busy moving. Almost out of this apartment, as you can see. (Anyone want to buy my queen-sized IKEA bed?)


apartment signing Landlord marks X-s for us to sign at landlord’s office.

So guess what loyal-blog readers. Mere hours ago girlfriend C. and I gave a large chunk of money a broker and a landlord … and are moving in together!

It’ll be the first time I have ever truly lived with a girl, […]

weekend update

Okay, yes C. did come with me to the Flyer party … and this would have been a good picture of us together if it wasn’t so blurry. Alas… There’s actually a good picture of C. here, but I look retarded. Ooops.

Anyway it was a fun evening. C. and I took […]

gay bars are more fun

Okay so I am getting flack from my commenters about taking girls to gay bars. Not that I do this all the time, or often, but I have done so more than once. And I’ll do it again! Here’s why.

First, gay bars are more fun than straight bars. Unless you want to watch a […]

lansdowne road

So the latest pub innovation is a strip of ice running along the length of the bar. I first saw this at Vlada bar and thought it was purely decorative. But of course, it is not. You put your drink on the ice and it keeps it cold for you. Neat. I encountered this at […]

more HK bar reviews

I have a new favorite venue in Hell’s Kitchen: Bamboo 52, a sleek sushi bar that opened in June but I have only just discovered. It features a 40-foot bar, two flat-screen TVs, a DJ and an outdoor patio. Like so many of the new bars opening up, there’s a huge focus on aesthetics, the […]

this whole not drinking thing

It has been very tricky, this whole not drinking business. Monday I went to Corner Bistro with my friend Tanya. However she ordered a Stella and I have to admit I did too. I felt guilty about this as I did not last very long on my no-alcohol pledge. However it was just one beer. […]

the mouse

I was not going to tell the story of this mouse because I knew my evil blog-commenters would ridicule me. However, after reading Karyn Bosnak’s mouse-story I figured I would go ahead and tell mine anyway.

Basically Monday I am reading in bed when I see something stirring. I look up and see a mouse […]

more hk bars

And I am here to review them all for you. Saturday I stopped into Circus, a new bar at Ninth and 43rd. However we did not stay. It is much the same scene as Rudy’s, just nearby: a dive with free hotdogs and cheap beer. Fun, but I guess we felt too old for it. […]

skeeball is coming

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited…

Sign at Rufus bar in Hell’s Kitchen.

hell’s kitchen: an appreciation

I’ve been in Hell’s Kitchen six months now … and gosh, boy do I love it here. Some of the reasons why:

Running in Central Park every morning. It’s like a mile from my door. Seeing docked cruise ships when I step out the door in the morning. (picture taken from my window). Being around […]

‘plight deepens for black men, studies warn’

I am feeling grumpy. But here are two NYT stories for y’all. The first is on the gentrification of my neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen. “Call it Hell’s Renovated Kitchen,” the article says.

Then there’s a sobering article on the plight of black men in America. Things are getting worse, not better:

Especially in the country’s inner […]

more ninth ave. activity

It’s called the Wee Pub on Ninth Ave. — obviously not open yet, but from my glance in the windows, it looks inviting enough. It’s right next to Vintage, on Ninth Ave. between 50th and 51st. This is in addition to Valhalla, which opened up a few months ago on Ninth between 53 and 54.


Gold’s gym

So since the start of the year I have been a member of the Gold’s Gym at 54th and Eight Ave. As part of my goal to review various things in Hell’s Kitchen, here is my review of Gold’s Gym.


blizzard pix

Taken by yours truly, mostly on my walk to work.

Also, Dawn just bought the whole office blizzard pizza! Hurray for Dawn!

UPDATE: I sent one of these photos to S., who is visiting L.A. She sent me back this cameraphone pic: