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see jane get faster and faster… or not

The Times has an interesting story by Gina Kolata about women supposedly getting faster as they get older:

Men, as might be expected, get slower as they age. At a recent five-kilometer race in Pine Beach, N.J., which drew nearly 1,000 runners, the fastest man was 24 years old and the men’s times increased with […]

it’s just one of those days

So had lunch with C. today — first time I’d seen her since she moved out. It was a little weird to see her and make chit-chat. Even after she moved out, I thought there was still some chance we’d maybe keep dating and work things out. However that is definitely not going to happen. […]

red sox spotted

So C’s birthday present to me last month was tickets to Tuesday’s Red Sox/Yankees game. If only she had stuck with me a few more weeks — I would have taken her, and was planning on getting her an iPhone for her birthday in a few days! Oh well. I ended up taking co-best friend […]

the decline and fall of the personal blogworld

It is a little surprising how many personal blogs have “gone dark” this year. And the ones that are still around, just don’t have the same vitality and energy as they once did. (This blog v. much included in that statement). There really hasn’t been any fresh new voices to take up the slack either, […]


post-workout Originally uploaded by derek7272

Me after my Crossfit workout on Thursday. This ingenious workout featured a deck of cards:

1 deck for time. Take a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck. Flip each card and do the corresponding exercises:

Spades = Kettlebell swings (2 handed) Diamonds = Pullups Clubs = Pushups Hearts […]

what’s left…

So C. left yesterday, despite my repeated and best efforts to persuade her to stay. I guess she had felt like our relationship wasn’t entirely working for a little while now, and her mind was made up. In the end I guess we did agree that we were both v. excited when we met — […]

Multimedia message

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272

my body, my choice…

So I did not have the greatest complexion as a teenager. And even in my 20s I had pimple problems. In fact, even as a guy in my mid-30s, I get blemishes. Blech. Just call me immature, right?

Anyway, so the best treatment I’ve discovered for acne is Retin-A gel. I’ve taken it off-and-on […]


My friend Cat has a v. interesting post on the science of gift-giving…

Last week I attended a ‘Science of Happiness’ seminar in Manhattan. In addition to some very interesting data on the benefits of realizing and expressing gratitude, the tutor described some nifty ideas about gift giving. Well, in fact what she described wasn’t […]

panic mode

Okay. I admit it. PANIC MODE. What the eff? The lead is just down to four games? I was excited about the Gagne deal. For the record I want to say I never gloated or counted out the Yankees. My buddy John Wolfson — author of some cool articles on the Red Sox — once […]

more on breakup

So I got home Saturday to meet with C., planning on doing everything short of begging her to stay with me. Gave her a big hug as we got in. Then as she started to talk I looked past her shoulder and noticed all her books on the bookshelf were gone, already packed and moved […]

manhattan skyline

manhattan skyline Originally uploaded by derek7272

soooo nice out


So I had hoped there was a chance that maybe our breakup wouldn’t “take.” But after an email from C. today, I guess I was wrong and I am officially single. She basically said there were unnamed aspects to our relationship that made her not able to imagine a future together. Sigh. She was also […]

on the road again…

So I meet up with at home C. earlier tonight. “Did you learn anything about yourself,” I ask her, not in any kind of mean way but a teasing way.

“Yes, actually,” she says. “Let’s talk.”

Never good words. Okay. I sit down.

She tells me that when she met me she was “swept off […]