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free stuff to do in nyc

So I drew up a list of free and cheap things to do for some kinda broke houseguests recently and decided to turn it into a blog post. There are a lot of cool free and cheap things to do in NYC and here is a list of some of them.

Sundays – check out […]

new zealand travel tips for americans

So spurred some some cheap-o flights to New Zealand, I have booked a ticket for late November, early December. As some of you know I lived there for four years when I was about 11 to 15, and my mother and sister are still there. Periodically I get asked various advice on travel and tourism […]


I have planned my 2008 summer vacation. A couple days in Chicago July 24-27 at the Unity journalism conference and hopefully a Cubbies game, and then off to Jackson, Wyo., to tool around Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. I plan to bring my tent and get in some good hiking action.

residence inn ad

You’ve probably seen this before if you watch much TV … but it’s still a pretty amazing ad. The performer is Jinny Jessica Jacinto, a former Cirque du Soleil contortionist. The ad is one of a series shot in Prague and features the re-composed music of Andrew Bird. Stunning.


Palm Tree

Palm Tree Originally uploaded by awrose

Here’s a photo my brother Adam took, not far from where we stayed in Po’ipu, Kaua’i. (aka Kauai). He has a D70 Nikon camera while I was just taking photos with my little cameraphone, but here are some of mine. I’ll stick the favs. after the jump.



Had a very nice five-hour hike today … Hawaii is LUSH. Then fell asleep on the beach. Checking out USS Arizona memorial tomorrow. Waterfall Originally uploaded by derek7272


greetings from sunny L.A.

I am hangin’ with Dylan here in the Venice Beach section of sunny Los Angeles. It is very dry, cool and beautiful here. I’d only been to L.A. once before, for a weekend. Yesterday Dylan, his wife Phoebe and I went for a very long run through Will Rogers and Temescal state parks — along […]

trip to fenway with c’s grandmother

So this past weekend C. and I went on this little road trip through New England to take her 86-year-old grandmother to the Red Sox game. As I mentioned before, her grandmother is a huge BoSox fan who has watched every game but one for the past two years. It has been something to, in […]

c’s venezuela pics

You can see ’em here.

‘Of ware-selling Resident Cats and their machismo tendencies’

More from C:

We arrived on Monday to Isla de Margarita and sped across the island to reach Playa El Agua, a sandy beach with rolling waves and groves of coconut trees away from the water providing a respite from the hot sun. Lining the road, vendors were selling local art, necklaces, t-shirts with the […]

tidbits about venezuela

I’m back — ugh, what weather — and will be posting more about my trip over the next few days. Here are some tidbits:

Everyone was very, very nice and friendly. Despite the tensions between our two governments, no signs of anti-Americanism at all. C was not shy about telling people we were from Nuevo […]

heading home…

More to say later …. BUT WHY IS NEW YORK STILL COLD????

mysteries of venezuela

A beer at Perdition for anyone who can answer either of these two questions. (You must come to HK to claim).

1. Why are there so many freakin’ Germans here in Venezuela? A lot of the signs and tourist information is in Spanish and German. C and I had dinner at a faux German restaurant […]

beach photo

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

It is super chill here … Yesterday was rainy but today nice … Just went for run along beach and now waiting for pizza.


cab ride with c

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

So i am writing and hopefully posting this message to y’all from a cab in Venezuela … My phone works fine here! Internet acess and everything.



I am at a hotel by the airport with C. Have been in-country for about an hour few real first impressions. The airport was v. sleek and modern. The taxis are Ford Explorers. At the airport a baggage handler steered us to an unofficial money-exchanger where we got 3,200 Bolivars for each American dollar, much […]


So C. works in public health but obv. could have a future in journalism … she’s a much better writer than me! She got back from her first trip to Venezuela last week; I’m planning to go with her on her second visit late next month. Here is a note she sent me about the […]

bad blogger…

Sorry the blog has been so boring lately. With the new job I’m not supposed to blog much about journalism-related topics. With the new girlfriend I’m in a good, drama-free relationship so don’t have too much to say about dating contretemps. With the Red Sox off-season and the Patriots eliminated there isn’t much to say […]


cart Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Here are some photos my friend Cat took on our wine tour last month.


wine tour

So one of the few things I dislike about New York is that unlike Boston, it seems like there is not a lot to do immediately outside the city. Boston has neat places like Salem, Newburyport and Marblehead all within an hour’s drive — where can you get from Manhattan in an hour? Hmm… well, […]