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‘how can guys be so lazy around the house?’

Bryan Caplan says he doesn’t understand how a gender war arose among housework:

In my view, it is largely a case of misplaced resentment. When women see how little housework men do, they interpret it as “shirking” — a willful violation of basic norms of decency. Men, in turn, feel unfairly maligned by the accusation […]

‘Is your workout wasting your time?’

So I have been working out at gyms since about 1997 or so … but have definitely seen more results in the past eight months doing Crossfit than I have in the past decade. There’s a good article here from BestLife magazine that is worth reading:

Critics also charge that a traditional machine-centric regimen has […]

goals week 2

I am just getting this in under the wire! I promised to do one every week, and ideally this meant Monday or Tuesday. But maybe it is a good thing I am late. Part of the reason for the delay is that earlier I was v. discouraged on the whole diet front … I was […]


So training started Monday for the N.J. Marathon, and I was v. excited about it… actually following a training schedule this time, instead of just doing my own thing.

So then just 10 minutes into my third day of training, I’m running along behind the World Financial Center and I twist my ankle in […]

new blog design for new year

Well so I have given this blog a new “theme” and a new name for the new year. The old one was getting tired, donchya think? There are a few other blogs named after the Iggy Pop song (or not), but one is based in Slovenia, another seems to involve romance novels, and the third […]

marathon movie in theaters next Thursday

H. passed this along to me — the independent picture “The Spirit of Marathon” will be shown in 450 theaters at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 24 _ next Thursday _ including the Union Square Stadium 14 and the AMC Empire 25 near Times Square.

(I can’t seem to buy online tickets for the Times […]

thursday night at the races

Went to the NYRR’s “Thursday Night at the Races” event last night at the Armory 200m indoor track in Washington Heights. I had never done it before and always wanted to. It’s a very nice facility. Slightly intimidating as there were lots of really great, college-age runners and not so many, er, more mediocre runners. […]

2008 goals week 1

So here we are…

Fitness: Just did 63 situps in two minutes, up from 56 two weeks ago. Yay! Also 17 pullups, same as last time. Did not test myself on run as have been taking advantage of warm weather to run outside.

Weight: 173 pounds, down from 175.5 last week. That is a slight […]

toilet training kitties, part 3

toilet training kitties, part 2 Originally uploaded by derek7272

I have given up on toilet training the kitties. The idea was the hole you can see in the photo got larger are larger (there are plastic cut-outs in the Citykitty system), but at a certain point the kitties pretty much just decided to, err, […]

milblogger writes about own death

Here. Andrew Olmstead was killed by small arms fire in Iraq.

This is an entry I would have preferred not to have published, but there are limits to what we can control in life, and apparently I have passed one of those limits. …

I suppose I should speak to the circumstances of my death. […]

crossfit gang

Here’s some of the gang from my lunchtime Crossfit classes (with me on the right, A2 on the left, Allison third from left, and Marisela fourth from right left). A good group of people!

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where’s winter?

Man, I remember when I first moved to New York, all the men had these shin-length black coats and the women the puffy ankle-length white full body parkas … you hardly see that anymore. I don’t really had a good winter coat.

I remember going to some press conference with Rudy Giuliani at his […]

freedom tower construction

freedom tower construction Originally uploaded by derek7272

latest pic. Also if you check this page you can see the progression of excavation at 4 WTC.


‘A Double Beefcake, Light on the Dressing’

Interesting story in Washington Post on new beefcake underwear advertisements for Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein:

The advertisements are celebrations of the male physique, the kind of artistic adoration that dates back to classic statuary. Beckham and Hounsou are photographed to look larger than life, with their muscles exaggerated thanks to dramatic lighting or a […]


So I have — finally — dropped a couple pounds and am down to 170, according to yesterday’s scale reading. I did get this email from my little teenage half-brother Isaac in New Zealand — the image was titled “beat that.jpg” Yowza!

But Isaac, don’t you know if you are going to write boastful […]