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jan. 14, 1945 air battle over Derben, Germany

I thought I would write this post in the hopes someone doing a little googling might find it. I am researching an air battle over Derben, Germany on Jan. 14, 1945 in which my grandfather, Mario “Marty” Rose, was shot down in a B-17. He was a member of the 568th Bomb Squadron, 390th Bomb Group, of the Eighth Air Force. (But I’m interested in everything that happened that day in the Derben bombing mission). Leave a comment or email me at derek72 at gmail.

6 comments to jan. 14, 1945 air battle over Derben, Germany

  • menzel, ronald

    please send me also the answers of your question, i´m a history-fan from germany, magdeburg

  • Mike Stouffer

    My Dad flew in that mission as a B-17 co-pilot. Derben Mission #112, 8th Air Force, 34th Bomb Group, 7th Bomb Squadron. He had just switched crews and his old crew (Pilot- Carter)was shot down by flak. All were lost but the Tail Gunner who was a POW. Dad watched them go down. He came back that day to an empty quanset(sp?)hut, which normally had three officer crews (12 officers total).— “Mission #112 January 14, 1945 B-17G 44-8263 E/Y Missing in Action Derben flak. Aircraft was hit by flak in the right wing, the explosion of which tore off the outer wing panel next to the outboard engine nacelle, leaving about a foot and a half of airleron. The aircraft rose slightly then veered into a right almost vertical bank, then into a right spiral, which developed into a steep right spin. No fire was seen. Two to four chutes were seen. Aircraft exploded on impact. Crashed Innien, Germany. With 7BS. Pilot: Carter. Missing Air Crew Report # 11565. 8 Killed in Action, 1 Prisoner of War.”

  • Colfax Putt

    I was doing a school project when I stumbled across this. My grandfather was the top turret gunner of a B-17 that was shot down in this battle. From the stories my grandpa passed on it sounds like one of the planes in the squadron had to drop a thousand feet or so because of engine trouble, causing the squadron to sag behind the rest of the squadrons. This left this squadron open to attack and in the end about 24 German fighters were shot down and I believe all of the B-17’s in this particular Squadron were shot down as well. My grandpa’s plane was the last to be shot down because he was in the middle of the V. He and most of his crew were able to bail out and later became prisoners of war.

  • Tommy Lofton

    Colfax Putt, what bomb squadron and group was your grandfather in? What was his name?

  • Don Black

    My mother’s cousin, Ralph Beighley was killed in this raid. He was a top turret gunner and a German fighter collided with his plane. As I understand only 1or 2 crewman escaped. My cousin was listed as MIA until a few years ago when the family discovered that he was actually buried in the Ardennes American cemetery.
    Is there anyone who can share anything on his career, record, or such?

  • My father, Tech. Sgt. Michael D. Lombard died if cancer in 1973 at the age of 51. He was an Engineer/Top Turret Gunner on B-17’s. with the 34th. Bomb Group, 18th Bomb Squadron stationed at Mendlesham, Eng. He never discussed his wartime experiences with me. In the past several years, I have been doing research on my father’s service during WWII. I have been able to piece together his last 21 missions from a few sources. His service record was rather sparse. The Valor to Victory website has been very helpful. He flew a total of 35 missions, as I have his Certificate of Honor. Those last 21 missions were with the crew piloted by Grant Kennedy, beginning with the mission to Derben on January 14, 1945. That is all I know about this mission. I have no other info. I ran across this site by accident and thought I’d make a comment. From comment by other individuals, it was a hellish experience.

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