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Twitter Updates for 2010-05-31

I'm at Central Park – Engineer's Gate (Fifth Avenue, 90th Street, New York). http://4sq.com/5VZyRc # I just unlocked the "Explorer" badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/bnZfmY #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-29

I'm at Studio Square (35-33 36th St, btw 35th & 36th Ave, Long Island City) w/ 4 others. http://4sq.com/3IEIPH # Celtic gotta take care of business… #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-28

Persian kitten survives 30 minute spin cycle in washing machine http://bit.ly/atB0jJ # Inspiring video from Crossfit regional competition. http://bit.ly/ciZXMN #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-25

Just signed up for chance to be one of 10,000 practicing yoga on the great lawn june 22 w/ elena brower. – http://bit.ly/byYFmb #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-20

UC Berkeley will ask class of 2014 to submit DNA samples for genetic testing as part of school project. http://nyti.ms/bUI76D #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-17

Nice full day: Crossfit at Lululemon, then multi-intenso @ Kula, sunbathed, listened 2 #redsox, ran 2 union sq, now headed 2 kirtan @ sonic #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-16

Healthy Kidney, baby!!! #Nyrr #10k #running # 616 / 559 / 93 … 42:56 #nyrr #healthykidney #10k #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-15

Eric Byrnes gave up baseball for slo-pitch softball … http://bit.ly/9386Dt #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-08

Watching the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins — all losing (@ Lansdowne Hells Kitchen) http://4sq.com/dh9DLO #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-05

so @APStylebook, have I told you how much I love you on my iPhone? Yes you are pricey, but so much easier & quicker than the print edition. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-02

It's a good day for a 5k! #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-01

Art installation on top of the Met … Looks like a giant bird's nest http://twitpic.com/1jq3e7 # There's already about 120 ppl in line at the Upper West Side Apple store for the new #iPad 3G, which goes on sale in an hour. #