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milblogger writes about own death

Here. Andrew Olmstead was killed by small arms fire in Iraq.

This is an entry I would have preferred not to have published, but there are limits to what we can control in life, and apparently I have passed one of those limits. …

I suppose I should speak to the circumstances of my death. […]


Earlier today I had lunch at Vynl with Frank Myers of the Citizen Frank blog and his wife Renee. Eighteen months ago he an Army reservist was practicing law in Birmingham, Ala. when the Army called him up and sent him to Iraq to work on the reconstruction. I found his primary 2008 blog when […]

aaah youth

A U.S. teenager decided to travel to Iraq to “go the extra mile” for a school essay. Farris Hassan has Iraqi parents, but had never been to Iraq and speaks no Arabic. Via the AP, here’s portions of the essay:

Life is not about money, fame, or power. Life is about combating the forces of […]

the ambush

Fellow NYDN reporter Nancy Dillon is in Iraq for a month, embedded with New York’s Fighting 69th National Guard unit. She filed this report for today’s paper about an Aug. 7 ambush that killed two of their men:

The soldiers were in the same meat market a week earlier, buying watermelon from a local vendor. […]

latest rundown

This week’s Rundown is up and running here. I especially recommend Citizen Frank’s story of his first marathon, which he trained for in Iraq.

Media Bias in Iraq

From Editor & Publisher, former Reuters Baghdad bureau chief Andrew Marshall on the media’s coverage of Iraq:

“I don’t agree with those who say it is inappropriate to criticize the work of journalists in Iraq — just because we were working in very dangerous conditions does not mean that we should be immune from […]

Poynter letter

I have a letter posted on Romenesko letters, the popular journalism forum, on this ongoing debate over the media’s Iraq war coverage. Unfortunately, some of the links got left out of my letter as it was posted. Here’s what I sent in:

Saying Fallujah “fell off the media map after the major blood-letting ended,” Michael […]

Iraqi school openings

Why the international media isn’t latest Iraqi schools being built:

Is it really that bad in Iraq? It’s hard to say because the international media cannot adequately cover the war and Iraq’s reconstruction because it’s simply too dangerous. I would love to write about new schools being built and local village leaders learning about […]

dead kids in iraq

From today’s paper:

Iraqi kids blown apart Car bomber hits children getting candy from G.I.s By DEREK ROSE DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Children’s mangled, bloody bodies lined a Baghdad street yesterday after a suicide attacker drove his bomb-laden car into a crowd of kids getting candy from U.S. troops.

Tiny plastic sandals, some stained with […]

any advice for an aspiring marathoner in Iraq?

So my blog-buddy Citizen Frank will be returning home from Iraq on Saturday and has been training to run his first marathon at the end of the month! Talk about dedication … he works basically seven days a week and only gets to run a loop course around his building (three loops=1 kilometer). Anyway, he […]

you don’t say…

“Jihad may be fueling attacks” — USA Today lead story today.

Haifa Street photos

The full sequence of photos from the shooting on Haifa Street […]

terrorists vs. insurgents

Riehl World View takes the MSM to task for calling the guerilla fighters in Iraq “insurgents” rather than “terrorists.” Other bloggers have the same gripe here, here, and here.

I explained a little bit here why I generally use the term “insurgent” in my articles, but I thought I’d defend my usage a bit more […]

such b.s.

This is why I sometimes can’t stand the blogosphere … people just think they can make shit up, speculate on the basis of very little evidence, and generally cherry-pick their facts.

For example, a number of bloggers are claiming that Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena staged her own kidnapping at the hands of Iraqi insurgents.


World Tribune.Com

I just sent this letter to World Tribune.Com, cc-ed to Con Web Watch and Media Matters for America.

To the editor:

Lt. Col. Tim Ryan’s Jan. 18, 2005 article, “Media’s coverage has distorted world’s view of Iraqi reality“, contains several serious misstatements of fact:


insurgency story

Gripping Newsweek story on the insurgency in Iraq:

Feb. 7 issue – He wasn’t supposed to live, and the way he tells the story today, this “suicide bomber” wasn’t quite ready to die. Twenty-one-year-old Ahmed Abdullah al-Shayea had come to Iraq from Saudi Arabia to join the infamous terrorist known as Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi in […]

and speaking of Iraq…

So my editor, Mark Mooney, is in Iraq for a month to cover the election. As well as our photographer Mike Appleton. Mark filed this report for today’s paper.

Whole world watches U.S. BY MARK MOONEY DAILY NEWS NATIONAL EDITOR BAGHDAD – The world is coming to Iraq to see if the U.S. can pull […]

An open letter to Lt. Col. Ryan (or, blaming the messenger)

Lt. Col. Tim Ryan has written a lengthy piece criticizing the media coverage in Iraq that has attracted a lot of attention. A rejoinder from a member of the MSM. […]

torture tale fabricated?

And then there’s this:

By Peter Finn An Iraqi woman who was granted refugee status in the United States after telling The Washington Post and U.S. officials that she had been imprisoned, tortured and sexually assaulted in Iraq during the 1990s appears to have made false claims about her past, according to a fresh examination […]