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more HK bar reviews

I have a new favorite venue in Hell’s Kitchen: Bamboo 52, a sleek sushi bar that opened in June but I have only just discovered. It features a 40-foot bar, two flat-screen TVs, a DJ and an outdoor patio. Like so many of the new bars opening up, there’s a huge focus on aesthetics, the […]

girl-on-girl jello wrestling

_DSC2282 Originally uploaded by brianvan.

I went to see some amateur female jello wrestling at this lesbian bar on Sunday. Such fun! More Brian Van photos here.


bar crawl photos

Well, I am not going to reveal the secret blog identity of the hot brunette in the photo with me… but this is from the Hell’s Kitchen blogger bar crawl on Saturday. More photos here.

passed along without comment

For anyone who thinks my dating standards are superficial.

another reason not to prefer guys with love handles

From the Washington Post:

Bad news for all those baby boomers starting to pile on the pounds as they go through middle age: You don’t have to be obese — just a little overweight — to increase your risk of dying prematurely, according to a large government study.

The 10-year study of more than 500,000 […]

‘don’t marry career women’

Okay, via via Gawker, there was this big blog contretemps today over this Forbes article headlined, “Don’t Marry Career Women.” Forbes has taken the piece down, which is kinda craven and stupid, because really, you can’t run a piece like that and NOT expect a lot of reaction. The full text is cached here but […]


Okay, after a week of watching Little Leaguers play ball, I am definitely ready to go home. But part of me will be rooting for this Staten Island team to advance as well, even though I’ll have to stay here longer. The game — 3 pm on EPSN — should be a good one. Frank […]

guess who i found?

Finy is also in Williamsport with her boyfriend!

rain delay

I’m in Lamade Stadium, the gorgeous 10,000-seat stadium where the Little League World Series is played, waiting out a long rain delay. (There is WiFi for my laptop in the press seats). This has definitely been a fun assignment, I’ve gotten to know many of the players and their parents and perhaps shared a little […]


08-15-06_2011.jpg Originally uploaded by derek7272.

I think it’s safe to say this now — since Tuesday I’ve been in Williamsport, Pa. to cover the Mid-Island All-Star of Staten Island play in the Little League World Series! It is beautiful here. Last night there was a parade, thousands of people cheering for these 12-year-olds floating […]

dating and luck

There was some discussion on this blog lately about dating and luck. However I do not really believe in luck when it comes to dating. Why? Because I am a guy, I have to make my own luck.

Guys and girls really have very different experiences on this front I think.

For example, when I […]

first long run

The recent heat really did a number on my running, I must say. Or maybe I’ve just been focused on other things. As recently as the spring I was setting all sorts of PRs! Anyway, Saturday was my first long run in awhile, just 12 miles, but I got it in. 1:50 for two loops, […]

greetings from massachusetts

So a few months ago I posted this photo of six kids in a wagon …

I was the one in the top right. My brother Adam is in the bottom left. The rest are the children (and a niece) of my “Aunt” Polly, the woman my mother stayed with as a New […]

moving on…

moving on… Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Okay I am probably getting myself in enough trouble discussing my dating theories. (Flygirl to me: “all i know is i’m glad i ain’t dating you ;-)”) So we will move on with a little kitty picture. Enjoy!


a quiz

One of my readers left a few comments accusing women of being mostly interested in money when it comes to dating. I certainly don’t think this is so but thought I would devise a quiz for my female readers if they feel so inclined to take it. Thanks to Finy, Bex and Alexis for helping […]


scale Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Hey, even though I fell off the wagon, I managed to get down below 170. Hurray for me! I probably sweated it all off, running has not been fun in this heat. I do feel I could stand to lose maybe a few more pounds, maybe get down to […]

little papi

little papi Originally uploaded by derek7272.

I am posting this picture of Little Papi in honor of Big Papi, THE MOST CLUTCH HITTER IN RED SOX HISTORY! When he stepped to the plate with two men on and the Sox down by two, you knew he’d hit it out. I watched the ninth inning […]