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So I’m back … not much to say, because it’s 3:47 a.m.! But here’s my story on the shark attack:

CAPE SAN BLAS, Fla. – A nurse who helped save a 16-year-old boy savaged by a shark said she and other rescuers felt “very helpless” as they fought to keep the teen alive with no […]


i’m headed to panama city on the latest shark attack!

a rebellion against certitude

The Sacramento Bee has an unbelievable account of its probe of star columnist Diana Griego Erwin. I was thinking that perhaps a stressful divorce had led her to fabricate, but no, it’s clear her entire career was a fraud:

From Jan. 1, 2004, until her final column on April 26, Griego Erwin wrote 171 columns. […]

any advice for an aspiring marathoner in Iraq?

So my blog-buddy Citizen Frank will be returning home from Iraq on Saturday and has been training to run his first marathon at the end of the month! Talk about dedication … he works basically seven days a week and only gets to run a loop course around his building (three loops=1 kilometer). Anyway, he […]

back from Camden

I am back from Camden, covering the three missing boys who were discovered Friday suffocated in a car trunk. Today’s storyhere; there’ll be another tomorrow.

Camden wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined … I guess I was thinking there’d be cars burning on the street corners, or something. But the tragedy was on […]


off to Camden on the missing kids story.

documenting the documentarians

So the folks filming the Bravo documentary on the NYDN have been all over the newsroom today. It’s slightly disconcerting and makes me a very self-conscious, having the tables turned on you like that! But, I do like their cool little cameras.


So while I had been really looking forward for the Chase Corporate Challenge race — and had swapped shifts with someone so I could get out in time — I didn’t get to run it. I got sent out to Long Island on assignment instead. Fouey. I took my frustrations out by running the course, […]


We just got new cameraphones! My paper gives us cellphones, but until now they had not been all that advanced. Now I have a hot little Motorola v710 in my hands. […]


“There’s been a cloud of evil hanging over this place for 41 years and we have dispelled it today.” — Edgar Ray Killen juror Warren Paprocki.

I think this is one of the best quotes I’ve ever gotten from an “everyday Joe” (non politician/spokesman/etc.)

corp. challenge

The Chase Corporate Challenge is tonight … and I intend to KICK SOME ASS.

All of my frustrations, I’m going to take out on this poor race. Watch out.

It doesn’t stand a frickin’ chance.

breakup blog

Was it stupid of me to think S. and I could still be friends? She told me last night she didn’t see how that could work, and wanted to box up my stuff. Sigh. Bleah. She’s been like my best friend, as well as my girlfriend. I’ll be missing a big part of my life.


most eligible bachelors

In this story, I mentioned Jason Mulgrew, naming him one of the city’s “most eligible bloggers”:

“Everything is Wrong With Me,” boasts this 25-year-old upper East Side humorist. Perhaps someday he’ll find someone who’ll appreciate his hungover posts about women’s body parts — or not.

Well, today I got an email from Jason, noting he’d […]

latest Rundown

The latest Rundown — a carnival of running-related posts — is up and running here.

Looking for guest editors!

…or get off the pot

This weekend I broke up with my longtime girlfriend, S.

I don’t feel much like blogging about it. But it would be weird to just go ahead with the blog as if nothing had happened. I …

I just really, really wish I could have given her everything she wanted & deserved.

greetings from california…

where I am to attend a wedding tomorrow, so blogging is light. I’m in the cute little town of Solvang, Calif., “the Danish capital of America.”

I will also be thinking positive thoughts toward Chelle, who is aiming for a three-hour marathon tomorrow and to that end has been watching Bloodsport. I’ve been […]

you don’t say…

“Jihad may be fueling attacks” — USA Today lead story today.

annenberg survey

The Annenberg Public Policy Center has released more results of that media survey I took awhile back. One interesting tidbit:

45% of journalists said “bloggers have a positive impact on the quality of news that the public receives” (38% said a negative effect). Roughly half, 51%, said ” the emergence of blogs has made journalists […]

latest Rundown!

Week Seven of the Rundown is available here at Richard Stanford’s cool site.

Next week’s Rundown will be hosted by Running from my house; if people want to submit their nominations directly to her they may at andshewas23 /at/ hotmail.com.

in defense of opaqueness

Via the NRO’s Media Blog, Jeff Jarvis:

I found myself in a discussion about blogs and newspapers recently — I feel as if I never leave that discussion — one of them asked the inevitable question about reporters blogging: Should they have opinions? I said I’d give them my blogboy answer: Of course.

One of […]