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Overheard in New York – overheard conversations in da city. Some are pretty funny.

A photo of me from the Nike Run Hit Wonder 10K! I finished in 45:59 for a 7:25 pace … it was 84 deg. and humid.

This story — “9/11 Report Says Plotter Saw Self as Superterrorist” — in the Washington Post today has some interesting new details about the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed. (the sleepy shirt head-hole guy we captured March 2003).

The original plan …called for hijacking 10 jetliners on both coasts of the […]

Tony Womack: .308, 4 HR, 25 RBI, 14 stolen bases in 78 games for the Cards this season…

How the hell did we trade him for Matt Duff – 4.15 ERA in 52 IP at Pawtucket this year…

Newsday has this amazing story about how their circulation department pumped up figures– keep delivering to people who had canceled their subscriptions.

“People would come out of their houses saying, ‘I don’t want it! Stop it!’ What the agents would finally do is not deliver. They would then go to what was termed ‘alternative […]

This post by blogger Juan Cole is old, but it is still worth reading re: Muslim outrage over beheadings..

Too damn funny … hilarious flash-animated political satire song.