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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-30

Don’t know if I have #swineflu, but certainly have a little piglet cough. Bleah. # RT @rionam @TodBryant: While the WHO has taken a leading role in fighting swine flu, the Rolling Stones remain strangely silent.. What? Oh. # Kinda resent those who say media is trying to scare ppl re: #swineflu. Umm, WHO […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-29

cursing Derrick Rose. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-26

Sunbathing in central park after doing recession bootcamp. Motivating for a sweaty run. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-26

RT @jenny8lee Met a Mr. Smoot on Amtrak, a relative to the “Smoot” on Boston’s Mass Ave Bridge http://bit.ly/MQhcp – google 1 smoot in meter # Mike Lowell!!!! Yeah baby! @kshea411 you got home just in time! #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-23

Just left impromptu 4-man bachelor party for fellow AP-er on overnight shift. Kinda tipsy. # Sorta excited for Star Trek movie. Everyone on twitter seems to be raving about it. # I love this video. Inspirational. RT @iamdiddy He is locked in! Watch this: http://tiny.cc/y3YOI Lock in! # http://ping.fm/p/af54t – Just found my marbles […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-23

can’t believe the yankees game is still going on! 7-7 in the 14th inning! # it’s supposed to be 83-degrees in NYC on Saturday! #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-22

Just moved on AP wire: Pot advocates nationwide inhale, celebrate 4/20 … http://sn.im/gct5i # list of AP journalists on twitter: http://sn.im/gd5n8 #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-21

Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #running #journalist #fitness # sending out well-wishes to all those running the Boston Marathon today… # Let’s go #Celtics! Rajon Rondo! …up by 1 with a minute left. #

associated press journalists on twitter

In no particular order, and by no means a comprehensive list.

@azagier – Alan Scher Zagier – Columbia, Mo. @DCArtBeat – Brett Zongker, D.C. arts/culture/museum scene @c_kim – Caroline Kim, mobile editor. @slyon66 – Santiago Lyon, director of photography. @emfred – Emily Fredrix, food industry. (based in Milwaukee). @annajobratton – Anna Jo Bratton, Omaha, Neb. […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19

At BBQ at Jon’s in Brooklyn. Listening to former jillaroo tell us about killing kangas in Oz. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-17

http://ping.fm/p/NQ7h1 – Thinks you don’t have to be a #Yankees fan to appreciate their glorious new stadium # They have ‘American’ fries at new #Yankee Stadium. Very silly. # I’m at Professor Thom’s with @evillageidiot. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-17

New Zealand travel tips for Americans: http://derekrose.org/?p=1313 # i’m off until sunday!! hanging out and watching #yankees opening day w/ a sleeping kitty, and mulling trip to stadium tomorrow for 1pm game. #

new zealand travel tips for americans

So spurred some some cheap-o flights to New Zealand, I have booked a ticket for late November, early December. As some of you know I lived there for four years when I was about 11 to 15, and my mother and sister are still there. Periodically I get asked various advice on travel and tourism […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-12

http://ping.fm/p/Og1Pt – I’m in charge of all the hot bitches at the wedding …. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-09

Testing out a dozen different wines w/ the brides in preparation for the wedding reception. My wine knowledge being mercilessly mocked… #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-09

Testing out a dozen different wines w/ the brides in preparation for the wedding reception. My wine knowledge being mercilessly mocked… #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-09

following various Chicago journalists just in case the AP relocates me to the Windy City… #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-08

decided to splurge for mlb.tv… let’s go #RedSox. # strongly considering trip to NZ in late Nov/Dec. I’ve never seen prices this low. $800 r/t LAX -> CHC?? Absurd! (AirNZ sale ends 4/15 btw) #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-06

walking home from the office. What a busy news night. Murdered kids in Wash., slain cops in Pittburgh … and I didn’t even handle rocke … # just went for a run with @cranberryliz! what a nice day… #

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-04

The tragedies yet to happen “are the most terrifying of all” – AP’s @anthonyted on violence in Binghamton, Pittsburgh, NC http://sn.im/f8kj3 # more mass murders? jeezus christ. http://snurl.com/f8uqz # And to top it off, North Korea has just launched a rocket. #