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male-female ratio and dating

Here are a couple charts examining why it can be misleading to look at male-female ratios and conclude that someplace — like New York — is good or bad for dating.

Basically, in the United States for the past 60 years, for every 1,000 girls born there’s been between 1,046 to 1,059 boys born. In […]

singles map of the united states, revisited

So remember that “singles map of the United States” I blogged about awhile back? Via Gawker, this guy says it is bunkus because it counted all singles aged 20-64. When you look at people in their 20 and 30s there are actually more unmarried men than women in New York City and around the nation. […]

‘A singles map of the United States of America’

Interesting story from the Boston Globe on male-female ratios in American cities:

It’s not just that some places have more singles than others. If you’re a single man or a single woman the odds of meeting that special someone vary dramatically across the country.

By far, the best places for single men are the […]

kinda harsh….


online dating cliches

So after awhile taking a break from the whole dating scene I have decided to put myself “back on the market.” Which has meant, among other things, reactivating my online dating profile and in fact signing up for a new dating service. (Yes, I’m not Jewish. But hey, as I’ve said before, I seem to […]

Goals for 2008

In past years I have not been one for New Year’s resolutions. But I have three for 2008 and I am going to post them here.

1. Amassing a score of at least 285 out of 300 on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test. To do this I would have to average 19 (strict) pullups […]

informal poll about ‘cute and charming’ McDonald’s employee

My father sent me this informal email poll from one of his friends in Chicago. It is a little long but I thought worth passing along. (Please feel free to answer the poll in the comment section as well… leave age, sex, relationship status.)

The Question: Would you go out with a 50 year old […]

income disparities in dating

The Times has a story about income disparities in relationships:

For the first time, women in their 20s who work full time in several American cities — New York, Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis — are earning higher wages than men in the same age range …

The shift is playing out in new, unanticipated […]

it’s just one of those days

So had lunch with C. today — first time I’d seen her since she moved out. It was a little weird to see her and make chit-chat. Even after she moved out, I thought there was still some chance we’d maybe keep dating and work things out. However that is definitely not going to happen. […]

what’s left…

So C. left yesterday, despite my repeated and best efforts to persuade her to stay. I guess she had felt like our relationship wasn’t entirely working for a little while now, and her mind was made up. In the end I guess we did agree that we were both v. excited when we met — […]

more on breakup

So I got home Saturday to meet with C., planning on doing everything short of begging her to stay with me. Gave her a big hug as we got in. Then as she started to talk I looked past her shoulder and noticed all her books on the bookshelf were gone, already packed and moved […]


So I had hoped there was a chance that maybe our breakup wouldn’t “take.” But after an email from C. today, I guess I was wrong and I am officially single. She basically said there were unnamed aspects to our relationship that made her not able to imagine a future together. Sigh. She was also […]

on the road again…

So I meet up with at home C. earlier tonight. “Did you learn anything about yourself,” I ask her, not in any kind of mean way but a teasing way.

“Yes, actually,” she says. “Let’s talk.”

Never good words. Okay. I sit down.

She tells me that when she met me she was “swept off […]

where the boys at

I’ve written about NYC’s gender ratios before… here’s a little tidbit from Sunday’s Times:

Men now outnumber women [in Lower Manhattan] by a ratio usually found in towns with all-male colleges, military bases and prisons, and in a few enclaves in Silicon Valley, with high concentrations of engineers and workers in other male-dominated fields.

Since […]

happy valentine’s day

I wrote this story in 2004 … my editors gave it to me ’cause of my byline.


Valentine’s Day is upon us again – and what could be more romantic than a dozen red roses from the local deli?

At least, that’s what many men say. With such a great mix […]

life is good

So I am actually really enjoying have a girlfriend again. She is v. smart, sweet and funny — but you guys know I care mostly about looks and she is also H-O-T. The most important thing!

It is actually pretty funny that — as some of you mighta surmised from some of my posts — […]

soccer chick

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Actually, this is the girl I should be posting pics of me together with (Flygirl is just a friend). Tallman took this exquisite shot of us at Bar Veloce in Chelsea, a wine bar I recommend. And I’m afraid I’m going to have to take back all the […]


So ThisFish’s Heather Hunter emailed me (along with some other people) a week or three back asking for dating stories as part of this big project she’s working on. Since she had given me one of her stories for public consumption, I figured it was only fair that I return the favor. So I emailed […]

questions, answered (part 2)

Okay, Hamptons, no more questions for you! But I’ll answer the ones you have posed. And if anyone (else) has more you have until the end of today (Friday) to get ’em in.

Monday: How tall are you? How long have you been running? Next planned trip to Western Canada?

Your question actually prompted me […]

questions, answered (part 1)

C’mon folks, you can do better than these questions! But here are the answers so far. If anyone has more questions, you have until Friday to get ’em in.

Tom: Hey Derek, Riddle me this: I’m a fellow reporter and I’d like to know how you landed your current job. How many yrs experience did […]