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heaven ain’t close in a place like this

Went to the Killers concert last night at Roseland Ballroom! How awesome was that. We must have been 10 feet from the stage, I haven’t been to such an big-name concert in such a small setting since seeing They Might Be Giants in college (with Chelle, actually). My awesome Kiwi friend Cat got the tickets, […]

more jello shots

Two more jello wrestling photos, I’m in the green shirt, while one of my fav. tabloid reporters can be seen cheering.

(Photos by Brian Van and Yian Huang)

the looks/income tradeoff table

So this paper from the MIT Sloan School of Management is kinda interesting … basically the problem with asking people about their preference for their mate is that, well, people lie. So these researchers got online dating records for about 22,000 users in San Diego and Boston and figured out people’s preferences using a sophisticated […]

what the hell happened to the boston globe?

Growing up in Massachusetts, I lived in a household that subscribed to the Boston Globe. I think I first just read it for the comics, and then eventually graduated to the other sections. I always enjoyed reading it over breakfast.

I went away to New York for college, but returned to Boston and quickly subscribed […]

everyone loves a good catfight

Via RKB, this is really funny. Apparently a bunch of woman bloggers met Bill Clinton last week and one wore a shirt that was ever-so-slightly form fitting (huge photo here), leading to condemnation lighthearted mockery by an older woman blogger. Now about 1,000+ comments and 256 blog-posts have been devoted to “boobgate” … You can […]

running and the red sox

So I remember when I did the NYRR’s long training run #2 last year, I started out in a too-ambitious pace group and ended up dying at the end. (A frequent problem for me, I can be a total rabbit). Or maybe it was just the fact that I was out boozing the night before.


friday catblogging

kitties Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Papi and Coco hanging out in my laundry basket.

race Ts

Cleaning my closet today … this is my collection of race T-shirts. It must go back to about 1996. We have the Union Leader Millyard Classic 5K, the 1999 New Bedford (Mass.) Half-Marathon, the 2003 NYC Marathon Tune-Up, the 2001 Federation of Italian-American Organizations of Queens 5K Run, the 2005 Queens Half-Marathon, the 1996 Sapienza […]

ip hash commenters

I’ve added a little peice of code (from here) to my blog template to prevent “sockpuppets,” people using multiple comment aliases to pretend to be more than one person. (An innocent example). Basically before each comment you’ll see something like this:

derek rose Says: September 14th, 2006 at 9:43 am from [MsynZz]

The MsynZz is […]

al mvp

I have to agree with Bob Ryan — Jeter for MVP. I am obv. not a Yankee fan, but I have to give the guy his due. Hell, in fact I must admit that since moving to New York, I have a cliche answer when people ask me how to spell my name: “Derek like […]

lansdowne road

So the latest pub innovation is a strip of ice running along the length of the bar. I first saw this at Vlada bar and thought it was purely decorative. But of course, it is not. You put your drink on the ice and it keeps it cold for you. Neat. I encountered this at […]

‘Won’t Raise Your Heart Rate? Then You Won’t Raise Mine’

See? The NYT endorses my interest in fit girls.

Every couple has its share of thorny issues, but when the point of tension is that one partner craves exercise and the other doesn’t, it can strain even the healthiest relationship, according to psychologists, fitness instructors and marriage therapists. Not only does the exerciser frequently cut […]

sex linkdump

I don’t watch a lot of TV but caught this 20/20 segment at the gym last night and got a kick out of it, in part because I’m friends with some married folks who work at ABC. I guess they are not new reports, they are repeats. But oh well.

Here is a John Stossel […]

clubbing in manhattan

I love to dance. Really, really love to dance. But since moving to New York nearly six years ago, it seems like I’ve rarely had the opportunity, except at weddings. It just seems to be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

In the spring I went to my first nightclub in ages, Cain. […]

‘this is what’s left’

I thought this was an interesting perspective from a 31-year-old woman’s POV on how the dating demograhics has changed as she got older:

Something in the online dating-verse has changed, or perhaps the men in my demographic have changed. Where once I had little trouble meeting cute, sexy guys who wanted to make out with […]