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test your pop-trivia knowledge

Via lindsayism – Comedy Central’s 2004 “last laughs” quiz. I was 9/10.

Vote count conspiracy debunked, again

Two Miami Herald reporters counted more than 17,000 votes in three Democrat-rich Florida counties over three days.

The conclusion: No conspiracy.

The newspaper’s count of optical scan ballots in Suwannee, Lafayette and Union counties showed Bush whipping Sen. John Kerry in a swath of Florida where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1.

The newspaper found […]

no opportunity wasted

18 miles in Central Park this afternoon… soon after I got out there, I found I was under-dressed and developed a stitch in my side. But any thoughts of dogging or abandoning it were dismissed once I saw the people competing in the Knickerbocker 60K, a 37.3 mile run through the park. This is […]

I love the Bronx

So last week a thief broke a window in my ’89 Mitsubishi Montero and stole my radio … the fourth time this has happened since I moved to New York four years ago. This time, it was the small triangular “vent” window on the passenger’s side door, not the main roll-down window. I take […]


Just watched “Kinsey,” and it had to be the best picture I’ve seen all year. Liam Neeson was excellent. One man up against the system. Highly recommended.

I gotta admit – I’m in a foul mood. Patrick Healy, the Boston Globe’s Kerry reporter, just took a job at the Times. I had remembered his byline from the campaign, but his name had always been weirdly familiar to me as well. Well, it turns out his career trajectory was pretty much the […]

Can you believe this?

race to deliver

26:47 net for the four-mile Race to Deliver in the park Sunday morning – my first P.R. since my knee operation in August 2002! (except for a 15K, which doesn’t really count, as I run that distance so rarely). The 6:41 pace was good for 181 out of 2,197 men — 195 overall out […]

Reports from Fallujah

Dexter Filkins has written some incredible stories out of Fallujah for the Times … I thought this one was particularly good.

google at it again!

Keyhole is the coolest thing ever — well, at least for the week, anyway. Does anyone remember the Earth program from Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crash? This is what this is like, almost. It’s satellite imagery, but really well done. I was able to plot out my normal Union City running route on a […]

mea culpa

Hindsight, of course, is 20/20 in retrospect …


Former colleagues of chief U.S. weapons inspector Scott Ritter were baffled yesterday over why he has become Iraq’s chief defender.

Ritter, an ex-intelligence officer for the U.S. Marines, led reporters on a tour […]

misc. links

This post from CitizenFrank.com is pretty touching – a soldier from Alabama recounts how his unit gets hero’s welcome in Bangor, Maine, their first stop home from Iraq.

On a completely different note, lindsayism.com is completely right about the silly NYT blogger-dating story. So … JUNIOR HIGH!!!

what i’ve been up to

A few recent stories:

The stench of death and devastation hung in the air of Fallujah early today, as U.S. troops launched new air and artillery strikes to root out remaining pockets of resistance The toll in Fallujah is bloody. At least 18 Americans have died in the four-day-old assault on the Sunni insurgent […]

DoD’s insurgent strategy

Matt Welch links to a fascinating DoD report on how to repair America’s credibility with the Muslim world.

Today we reflexively compare Muslim “masses” to those oppressed under Soviet rule. This is a strategic mistake. There is no yearning-to-be-liberated-by-the-U.S. groundswell among Muslim societies — except to be liberated perhaps from what they see as […]

Just for kicks, I recently reread the some of my posts from after Sept. 11, 2001 … funny to think how united we were back then.

This is a photo I took from the roof of a nearby residential building a few days after 9/11.



BAGHDAD, Nov 11 (Reuters) – Iraq’s media regulator warned news organisations on Thursday to stick to the government line on the U.S.-led offensive in Falluja or face legal action.

“We hope you comply … otherwise we regret we will be forced to take all the legal measures to guarantee higher national interests,” the statement […]

revenge of the sith

The new Star Wars trailer is out.

A new image from the Blue Ribbon Prostate Initiative, which will “run as wild postings throughout Manhattan,” according to an emailed press release I just received.

“While the statistics of breast cancer and prostate cancer are virtually the same, the financial support that each gets is worlds apart. Actually the ratio is 100 […]

A Stolen Election?

Salon and The Nation have two good pieces debunking various rumors and claims that the 2004 election was somehow rigged or “hacked.” There’s also an letter to the editor here from a Cornell professor rebutting some of the allegations.

the lost frog

This is very funny and cute. A gem!