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Wait a second … so it was all a big misunderstanding? Judy Miller never had to go to jail in the first place? She coulda prevented all this with a phone call? Bizarre.

Ms. Miller told Mr. Libby simply that “I wanted you to tell me personally” that his waiver was voluntary. “Why didn’t somebody […]

New York’s Red Sox bars

UPDATE 10/8/2009: Been awhile since I wrote this, and things have changed a little. Jim McGuire, bartender who started the Red Sox craze at the Rivera and took his fans to Phebe’s, has now opened his own bar in the East Village, Professor Thom’s (219 2nd Ave, by E. 13th Street). This is a good […]

latest rundown

Latest Rundown is up and running.

manhattan, here i come

So I have decided to apply for an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. The very first apartment I saw. It’s a studio with hardwood floors, a semiprivate courtyard and a working fireplace. It’s a fourth-floor walkup, but obviously as a runner that doesn’t bother me at all. And, of course, it’s not that big. Kinda small. […]

New Orleans

Well it appears Matt Welch was right — many of the initial reports of murders and rapes coming out of New Orleans were exaggerated, according to the Times-Picayune. But it’s also worth noting many of these media reports came from the “official word.”:

In many cases, authorities gave credibility to portraits of violence broadcast around […]


Beer Originally uploaded by derek7272.

It’s a little scary i can post to this blog while drunk in a bar…


From today’s paper:

Hero for all times Vet honored 55 yrs. later BY DEREK ROSE DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER A Korean War veteran credited with saving the lives of 40 soldiers will receive the nation’s highest military honor today, 55 years after bigotry denied him the chance. President Bush will drape the Medal of […]

Comedy club sign near times square

Comedy club sign near times square Originally uploaded by derek7272.

The sign says “free judith miller first amendment it’s no laughing matter”



latest Rundown

Up and running here.

Also, Citizen Frank discusses training in the Green Zone here, as well as declares his intention to qualify for the Boston Marathon here.

my building

So as I’ve said before, I live in this big ol’ loft in Union City, N.J., a few minutes from the city. All this work has been going on in the building over the past year as the new owners prepare to convert it into condominiums. Now they have a website up, in case anyone […]

nyt on pregnancy and kids

Two NYT stories I thought were pretty interesting. This one says a lot of women in elite colleges nowadays just want to raise kids:

Many women at the nation’s most elite colleges say they have already decided that they will put aside their careers in favor of raising children. Though some of these students are […]


Did 20.2 miles with the Running Center in Central Park this morning … 2:53:14, or a 8:34 pace. It was an organized training run, not a race, but I was a happy that I led throughout. (There were about 50 or so runners). Is that a braggy thing to say? Well, maybe. There are so […]


Katz’s Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Late night stop at katz’s deli

runners and gorillas

I agree with Larry — if you’re going to brag about your running regimen to a reporter, you have to actually catch the gorilla…

two stories

From today’s paper:

Women bi into sex … options Study sees big upswing BY DEREK ROSE DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER The government has taken its biggest-ever peek into America’s bedrooms – and found that women have become more sexually adventurous than ever. One in seven young women confides she has had a sexual encounter with […]

credit report

Here’s the official site where you can get your free annual credit report … it just went online for the East Coast on Sept. 1. I just got mine and at the same time paid $6.95 to get my FICO (credit) score. Here’s a great explainer from the NYT about what the scores are all […]

five blades

I gotta say, I am a wee bit excited about this: Gillette is introducing a five-bladed razor! It took me awhile to switch to the Mach 3, but once I did, of course, I’ll never go back. When you consider that most guys shave every day, a […]

latest rundown, up and running

It’s here. Be sure to check out the rest of Beast’s great blog, such as his story of his swim to Hoffman Island.

3-year-old runner

Via Alison, here‘s a disturbing story about a 3 1/2-year-old runner from India who was sold twice for 800 rupees ($20).

Bias? What bias? (seriously)

Michelle Malkin and a lot of bloggers see bias in this Reuters story (originally erroneously blamed on CNN):

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Companies with ties to the Bush White House and the former head of FEMA are clinching some of the administration’s first disaster relief and reconstruction contracts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

At least […]