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ground zero construction delays

So as expected, the Port Authority announced today that construction at the World Trade Center site is behind schedule and over-budget, apparently because the original plans were unrealistic. There’s also 19 different government agencies and numerous other organizations involved in the site, with no central governing agency. Anyway, I am not going to try to […]

aarp card

aarp card Originally uploaded by derek7272

i guess they heard i have a birthday upcoming…

no, i don’t wanna be your friend

So what is with all these people trying to befriend me on Facebook whom I don’t even know? It is slightly annoying. Okay, I’ve done it too, but I’ll at least write a little note saying explaining why I wanna be friends: Hey, I like your writing, we have some stuff in common, a couple […]


I have planned my 2008 summer vacation. A couple days in Chicago July 24-27 at the Unity journalism conference and hopefully a Cubbies game, and then off to Jackson, Wyo., to tool around Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. I plan to bring my tent and get in some good hiking action.


Okay, I admit it — I wasn’t really there for that midnight showing of Sex and the City! And Carrie doesn’t die! I can’t really believe anyone fell for that. How long have we been friends Flygirl???

Anyway, yeah, no plans for seeing the movie. Like I think most guys I found the whole hype […]

what to do if you get locked in a bar

I don’t really know, but this NYT story was v. amusing.

a list of demands

I love this commercial, too. The song is “List of Demands” by Saul Williams. Awesome.

The athletes shown include Adrian Peterson, NFL rookie of the year, racing a dragster; Kevin Durant of the SuperSonics running in a red jersey; Abby Wambach of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, in a resistance band; Hope Solo also […]