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well, I’m back home safe … wish that could be said for everyone … it was a great vacation, will have more to say about it later … can’t quite believe i missed the biggest news story of the year. Unbelievable.

Longs Peak

Longs Peak Originally uploaded by derek7272.

14,259 feet

Getting supplies

Getting supplies Originally uploaded by derek7272.


Mountain biking

Mountain biking Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Mountain biking

Glenwood caverns

Glenwood caverns Originally uploaded by derek7272.

the ambush

Fellow NYDN reporter Nancy Dillon is in Iraq for a month, embedded with New York’s Fighting 69th National Guard unit. She filed this report for today’s paper about an Aug. 7 ambush that killed two of their men:

The soldiers were in the same meat market a week earlier, buying watermelon from a local vendor. […]

latest rundown

This week’s Rundown is up and running here. I especially recommend Citizen Frank’s story of his first marathon, which he trained for in Iraq.

Maroon Bells

08-24-05_1739.jpg These are the Maroon Bells near Aspen, some of the most photographed peaks in the world… Originally uploaded by derek7272.



solar charger Here’s a little gizmo I’ll be using to charge my cell phone and satellite radio in the wilderness … a Coleman Exponent Flex 5 solar charger … cool, no? Originally uploaded by derek7272.


Ute trail

Ute trail Hiking the Ute Trail with my brother Evan. Originally uploaded by derek7272.

here’s where I am

The Boomerange Lodge in Aspen. I’ve never really been up at altitude before … the air really is thin and I’m still getting used to it.

Greetings from colorado

Greetings from colorado Originally uploaded by derek7272.


Aspen Originally uploaded by derek7272.

In aspen with brother evan


I’m off to the airport in a jiff for my Rocky Mountain National Park trip, but just wanted to say that the free pair Derek Rose pajamas I was sent earlier have arrived, and are very comfy!

the ultimate

Running is its own reward, of course, but I love that it also makes you better at things. Like, can you believe people actually run for health reasons, or to train for another sport? (Rather than for the love of running?) Incredible! But also great. I love that as a runner I make a good […]


08-19-05_1547.jpg Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Preparing for hike

illegal eviction

One of my stories in today’s paper:

An Upper East Side landlord cleared out his tenant’s $158-a-month rent-controlled apartment – then dragged the 87-year-old man out of the building when he tried to complain, authorities said yesterday.

Dominick Galofaro, 38, of Brooklyn was released on his own recognizance after being arraigned on felony charges yesterday, […]


“I was a hired squirt gun” — cool first-person story by the reporter who sits opposite me…

dangers in diapers

My colleague Dave Goldiner had a story yesterday about infants and toddlers who have been barred from flying because their names appear on the federal “no-fly” list of potential terrorists.

We have a follow-up today about Sarah Zapolsky’s 1-year-old son:

[E]xperts and officials say there’s no way the toddler’s name will be taken off the […]


So the trip to Colorado is on! I’m headed to Aspen next Tuesday to visit my brother Evan — who is working in a bar or something and has Wednesdays and Thursdays off. Friday I’ll head to Denver, maybe stay there a day. (Oddly enough, it looks like it’ll be cheaper to rent a car […]