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Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.


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Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.


So I things have been a little quiet here lately. But never fear, readers, I will have some more juicy tidbits for you soon. Just not now.

In the meantime:

I may have to actually spring for an Internet connection at home, dammit. The wifi signal I’ve been pilfering for the past year hasn’t […]

reporter no more!

So I’ve basically been a reporter in some capacity or another for … well basically since a few months after college. And much of my time in college. But now I’m not! It’s crazy; I never thought I’d get sick of it. “I can’t believe you’re burnt out on breaking news :)” a friend and […]

marathon pics

This one must be with only a couple miles to go.

six years reporting from the streets of New York and across the country

Spending Christmas Day 2004 interviewing a man whose son had just killed the man’s mother in a psychotic rage. Unopened presents lay scattered beneath the tree.

Covering the funeral of the three young Muslim girls swept out to sea while swimming in the Rockaways in 2001. The family’s grief, and the kindness their uncle showed […]

employee benefits

With a week left before I start at the LUNO, I have been annoying my coworkers with tales of how great it will be to work there. “Oh yeah, they have this huge newsroom, bigger than this,” I was saying Sunday. “The computers are great, with two flat screen monitors. And there’s windows! A view! […]

a woman’s world?

Okay, this title is a bit rhetorical: obviously around the world women haven’t achieved equality with men. But in the United States? I left this as a comment, but decided could be its own post:

I think if you compare the highest-achieving men to the highest-achieving women, obv. the men are doing much better. But […]

men in the F-start

So there’s a lot of annoyed women running bloggers noting how that men “invaded” the women’s orange F-start in the NYC marathon last Sunday. As if we had kooties!

I was actually one of those guys. But it was actually inadvertent: by the time I got out of the porta potty people were already moving […]

axl rose

Saw Guns n’ Roses live at MSG on Friday with Cat and Tallman. Or should I say, saw Axl Rose? He was the only member of the old band there, and this was definitely not the GNR of old. With four(!) guitarists, two keyboard players and some guy on base, this was something new and […]


So I appear to have lost my last two posts and several comments. Dammit! Not sure what happened. Sorry folks. Basically I was musing about how it will be nice to enjoy Sunday brunch from time to time, and watch football. For the past eight years or so I’ve been on a Sunday-Thursday shift; very […]

the rundown: nyc marathon edition

It’s back! This edition of the Rundown tries to capture that moment when runners “hit the wall” in the 2006 NYC Marathon. (The Rundown is like this blog-carnival roundup I started last year, then got bored with and gave up).

Flygirl writes about how she fought to come in under four hours.

Back in my […]


So ThisFish’s Heather Hunter emailed me (along with some other people) a week or three back asking for dating stories as part of this big project she’s working on. Since she had given me one of her stories for public consumption, I figured it was only fair that I return the favor. So I emailed […]


cart Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Here are some photos my friend Cat took on our wine tour last month.


cell phone decisions

Stopped into Cingular, Verizon and a T-Mobile stores today to continue my quest to buy a new cell phone. I like to get a lot of information before making decisions. Have narrowed my options to the Sony Ericsson W810i (Cingular), the Blackberry Pearl (T-Mobile) and the Samsung A990 (Verizon). The prices online are a lot […]

the marathon

Before the race it was a little chilly. Nothing too bad, but few of us were dressed for it, and even 40-degree temperature can really be a drag if you’re outside for long enough. S.J. and I ended up huddling by these portable generators with some other runners for warmth. People gave us odd looks, […]

Athlete Alert

NYRR Alert Service brought to you by Road Runner High Speed Online Event: ING New York City Marathon Runner: Derek Rose


Athlete Alert

NYRR Alert Service brought to you by Road Runner High Speed Online Event: ING New York City Marathon Runner: Derek Rose


Athlete Alert

NYRR Alert Service brought to you by Road Runner High Speed Online Event: ING New York City Marathon Runner: Derek Rose


the kitties say hi

I’m just hanging out in my apartment on a Saturday night with the kitties, since I have a marathon to run tomorrow. The kitties wanted to say hi.