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toilet training kitties, part 2

toilet training kitties, part 2 Originally uploaded by derek7272

So I had thought that the toilet training of the kitties was going well. I was gradually increasing the size of the hole in the “littler toilet” and they were using it. Unfortunately yesterday I made an unpleasant discovery: they had found their old litter […]

does exercise really make us thinner?

I just got around to reading this New York magazine article questioning whether you can really lose weight through exercise. The author posits that you can’t, because exercise just makes you hungry and so you eat more. Personally I have found that I lose about two to five pounds while training for a marathon — […]

toilet training kitties

So I first read about the CitiKitty idea on HK comedian Mindy Raf’s blog about two years ago … the idea of toilet training kitties! To actually use the toilet instead of a litter box! I know, it seems crazy, huh? But if it works…

So this CitiKitty toilet training kit is basically a piece […]

latest ground zero picture

latest ground zero picture Originally uploaded by derek7272

See, I didn’t forget…

missed connections on the a-train

I got onto the A-train around 12:30 a.m. and took plopped down next to you: a stunning brunette in fishnets, heels, and some kind of stylish plaid/white miniskirt and matching blazer. I got out my phone and furiously started playing Tank War so as not to stare while trying to think of a conversation gambit. […]

boston sports quiz

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Celtics schedule: 11/14 vs. N.J. (4-3) 11/16 vs. Miami (1-6) 11/18 at Orlando (6-2) 11/21 vs. Golden State (0-5) 11/23 vs. LA Lakers (3-3) 11/24 at Charlotte (4-3) 11/27 at Cleveland (4-4) 11/29 vs. New York (2-4) 11/30 vs. Miami (1-6)

Patriots schedule: 11/18 at Bills (5-4) […]


Do you ever had something explained to you and you’re like — wow, I never thought of that before? It maybe opens up your world in a small way and makes you wonder what else you’ve been missing.

I felt like that a few months ago when I was in L.A. visiting one of […]

me and flygirl

me and flygirl.JPG Originally uploaded by derek7272

at flyers post marathon party (no i did not run this year)

informal poll about ‘cute and charming’ McDonald’s employee

My father sent me this informal email poll from one of his friends in Chicago. It is a little long but I thought worth passing along. (Please feel free to answer the poll in the comment section as well… leave age, sex, relationship status.)

The Question: Would you go out with a 50 year old […]

Multimedia message

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272

the conch

CIMG4261 Originally uploaded by alizinha/CrossFitNYC

This is this water-filled tube I was trying to lift over my head while fatigued. It is tricky because the water doesn’t entirely fill the tube, so it sloshes around a lot and the tube therefore has no center of gravity. Tricky.