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better photo

Okay here’s a better photo of us … don’t know why I wasn’t smiling ’cause I was in fact having a good time…

weekend update

Okay, yes C. did come with me to the Flyer party … and this would have been a good picture of us together if it wasn’t so blurry. Alas… There’s actually a good picture of C. here, but I look retarded. Ooops.

Anyway it was a fun evening. C. and I took […]

Multimedia message

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Remember this from last year? It is tux time again … Flyer party tonight .

cut off

So I guess I found a girlfriend just in time … I am working 2-10 p.m. and 4-midnight shifts for at least the next couple weeks. Makes it difficult to socialize and go out carousing…

I feel cut off from all my friends. I miss my old noon-8 p.m. shift!

Oh well, I’ll survive. I […]

the water buffalo movie

Via Kottke, This is pretty cool. Apparently a Harvard professor was disappointed to learn a water buffalo a friend “purchased” for a family of Asia in her father’s name would actually be going into the charity’s general fund. This American living in China read the post and actually helped the Harvard professor and a few […]

I will buy you a new life

Just $30,000 Australian…

NEW LIFE FOR SALE!! This auction is for a New Life in the coastal town of Wollongong, Australia of a 24 year old male. It includes the following: Winning bidder will take ownership of my:

Name Phone number All my possessions which includes the following …

Related website here.


life is good

So I am actually really enjoying have a girlfriend again. She is v. smart, sweet and funny — but you guys know I care mostly about looks and she is also H-O-T. The most important thing!

It is actually pretty funny that — as some of you mighta surmised from some of my posts — […]

conehead kitties

conehead kitties Originally uploaded by derek7272.

The little coneheaded, newly-neutered kitties are back at Chez Rose. I guess they have to keep the lampshade thingees on for a week. They have been much more lackadaisical since their return and even let me have a good night’s sleep last night — something that’s been pretty […]

homosexual felines

So as you guys know that I am pretty open-minded when it comes to the gay stuff, right? (Well, for a guy who is completely straight). I mean I live in Hell’s Kitchen, take the occasional date to gay bars and have a couple of gay friends. I guess it all comes from attending a […]

the c-party

Cruella + Cookie Monster Originally uploaded by Mike Roberts NYC.

Fabulous Kiwi friend Cat turned 30 on Saturday and threw a C-party to celebrate. That is Soccer Chick as Cruella de Ville and Tallman as the Cookie Monster. (She’s not short; he’s just 6-foot-4). His girlfriend for some reason declined to go as a […]

i’ll miss winter

Total number of people guys spotted running or skateboarding in Central Park shirtless, Jan. 6, 2006: Five. Plus one woman in a jogbra.

Okay I know weatherpeople are saying this has more to do with the jet stream than climate change and while I was in a t-shirt and shorts Denver was being […]

Multimedia message

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Papi and coco

sexual consent forms

Funny sexual consent form video