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trip to fenway with c’s grandmother

So this past weekend C. and I went on this little road trip through New England to take her 86-year-old grandmother to the Red Sox game. As I mentioned before, her grandmother is a huge BoSox fan who has watched every game but one for the past two years. It has been something to, in […]

nyt: women in 20s make more than men in nyc

Women in their 20s now make more than men in a number of cities including New York, L.A., Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis, the NYT’s City Room reports. And as a side note:

[T]he gender gap could have implications for marriage rates if women, who are already more financially independent, are seeking mates with at least […]

kool-aid pickle

kool-aid pickle Originally uploaded by derek7272

The new new thing: Kool-Aid pickles. (If you haven’t heard about them, don’t feel bad, you just aren’t on the cutting edge!) But after reading about ’em here and here I just had to try. They are not bad at all — actually kind-of good. It’s an odd […]


Bench-pressed 225 lbs. at Crossfit today …

red sox trip!

So C.’s 86-year-old grandmother is like a HUGE Red Sox fan. A widow, she resides up in Maine and lives for the BoSox. Last year she watched every game save one (she had confused the time) and a few years back she had a life-sized cardboard cutout of Johnny Damon in her bedroom. Apparently before […]

more crossfit

So I am not used to being the least-fit person in the room. But I am getting used to it. Have joined this whole Crossfit thing and have been going pretty regularly last two weeks. It is not the type of exercises I’m used to — much more anabolic than aerobic. But different is good. […]

happy birthday to me!

Thirty-five today. OLD. C. and I have the day off, though, and she’s taking me on a kayaking trip. Not sure where yet.

I am feeling much more settled today than I did at my last two birthdays.

Here is a very sweet email my father sent me this morning:

So, today, 35 years […]

‘live free or die hard’

I was not really into Live Free or Die Hard. It was decent — I’d give it maybe 2 1/2 stars? It reminded me a little bit of Terminator 3 in being a sequel of a really good movie that I couldn’t really find myself to care that much about. I kinda feel like superhero […]