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queens half

So 1:35:12 (1:35:25 “gun”) at the Queens half-marathon this morning … 7:16 pace. Better than my 1:35:54 in Brooklyn, but I have to admit I’m not that happy as two of the Flyers I beat in Brooklyn trounced me today. One of them, a guy from N.J. I have beaten four times this year (I […]


Okay, not totally tidy, but things are off the floor.

more cleaning

My kitchen / living room.

liveblogging the apartment cleaning

Okay, sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have had a cold and not much to say. Today is my day off (I work Sundays instead) so am doing some apartment cleaning. As some of you know I am a rather messy person, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf. […]

Rundown – Boston marathon edition

It’s up and running, check it out.

what makes you strong?

What makes someone feel strong before a race, I wonder? Three weeks ago I felt great a day or two before the Scotland Run. I basically knew I was going to PR, and had to hold myself back running the day before the race.

At the adidas Run for the Parks four-miler today, no such […]

random thoughts on the passing scene

The Red Sox are off to an 11-5 start, the best record in the American League. But what are we going to do about Wily Mo Pena? His defense is killing us, and he’s only hitting .269 with one homer. I know he has “potential,” but how do we justify giving him the playing […]

as easy as …

So my friend Alexis, a freelance journalist, is really bright but grew up in an overprotective household. Her mother never let her ride a bike! So she never learned.

This has been part of her identity for years and a good conversation piece at parties. Of course everyone offers to teach her, but they hardly […]

‘the paradox of choice’

Barry Schwartz, author of the Paradox of Choice, explains in a five-minute video how “greater freedom and more choices often make us feel worse.” It’s interesting, I thought, and goes to that post on dating I had earlier … too many choices “produces paralysis, rather than liberation,” Schwartz argues.

triple loop

Another triple-loop yesterday. The first loop was in 50:29 (8:22 pace) and the second two in 1:47:09 (8:53 pace). Overall the 18.08 miles were run in 2:37:38, or 8:43 pace. I waited until 5 p.m. to run, after the Red Sox game. Afterwards I was exhausted, naturally, but still tried to go directly to the […]

gawker insanity

Okay … so I did say I wasn’t going to blog at work … but it’s Easter Sunday and there’s really nothing going on … except to check out blogs … where I learned Jared Paul Stern was given a guest-blogging gig at Gawker! And he’s been editing comments! Also, check out this thread which […]

hell’s kitchen: an appreciation

I’ve been in Hell’s Kitchen six months now … and gosh, boy do I love it here. Some of the reasons why:

Running in Central Park every morning. It’s like a mile from my door. Seeing docked cruise ships when I step out the door in the morning. (picture taken from my window). Being around […]

latest update to running mix

Okay, if it’s a rainy Friday, that can only mean I’ve been tinkering with my running playlist. The latest changes:



So Stephanie Klein isn’t the only one moving to Austin … my father and stepmother are moving there too, from Wilmington, N.C. (I grew up in Massachusetts, but they’ve been living there for the past few years). My father was laid off from his job at the start of the year and hasn’t found anything […]


So my longtime readers may remember that a year ago this month, I had to write a story about bloggers dating. I blogged about said story here and here. It is time to offer congratulations to two of the men featured in said article … I will be able to say, I knew them when.


new blog policies

Okay, to keep his ass out of trouble, the editor of The Derek Rose Blog has instituted the following policies, effective immediately:

No posts quoting identifiable friends or co-workers without their permission. This has always been my policy, actually, but I am explictly stating it just for the record. No pictures of friend’s or co-worker’s […]

running mix update

Okay, thanks for all the suggestions for the running mix. I have evaluated Dylan’s ideas and will listen to the others probably on Friday. I have tweaked the running list and created a permanent page for it here. (You can find a link for it under “pages” in the sidebar on the right).

Here are […]

good news/bad news

Crisp out for at least 10 days with a “fracture on the base of his index finger” …. Ortiz gets four-year deal, with team option for 2011.

Coco’s injury will at least give Adam Stern and Wily Mo a chance to play … Stern was impressive in the WBC. And hey, we’re 5-1!

‘Page Fix’

So delicious … I really have nothing to add on this whole Page 6 shakedown scandal, but if you haven’t been reading the coverage in my paper, you should.

(And if you’re reading this blog from New Zealand, as a few of you probably are — a staffer for “Page 6”, the gossip page […]


So got up at 6 a.m. today and did a 20-mile run with Charles across the George Washington Bridge and into the Palisades Interstate Park. It took us three hours and two minutes, but we stopped for six minutes at the ranger station at the halfway point. So I’m going to say our pace was […]