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The USA Today report on disgraced ex-reporter Jack Kelley is out, and boy, does it paint the newspaper as a grim place to work…

One reporter, whose instinctive reaction to a Kelley exclusive would have kept it out of the paper had she been an editor, described the reason she did not challenge it […]

Wikipedia’s influence spreads … this Wikipedia article was cited as a web reference for congressmen in this House Reform subcommittee briefing memo.

Hey, you can spot me in this U.N. webcast … I’m at the 16:30 and 20:30 minute-marks.

Wikipedia’s influence spreads … this Wikipedia article was cited as a web reference for congressmen in this House Reform subcommittee briefing memo.

Hey, you can spot me in this U.N. webcast … I’m at the 16:30 and 20:30 minute-marks.

Interesting article from an Arabic-language translation service summarizing 18 Arab-media commentaries to Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”

Islam holds that Jesus wasn’t really killed on the cross, the article states — he was raised up to Heaven and a “likeness” was crucified in his place. Who knew?

So today is the five-year anniversary of the Columbine school shooting. There’s a great article here on Slate on the minds of the killers:

The FBI and its team of psychiatrists and psychologists … believe they know why Harris and Klebold killed, and their explanation is both more reassuring and more troubling than our […]

So an article I wrote for the News was the basis for this column last year by Boston Herald humor columnist Beth Teitell. (I’m only noticing it now – the powers of googling one’s name…)

She kinda questions my observational skills regarding this ring Ben Affleck wore on the fourth finger of his left […]

Usually Fox does a good job on the national sports broadcasts — better than CBS anyways — but jeez, not tonight. They had the score wrong in the second inning, had the number of outs wrong … had this annoying “Scooter the Knuckleball” animation that they at first displayed with no sound. The second […]

Oh my gosh … I got totally taken in by this Harvard Lampoon paraody of H-Bomb, this Harvard University sex magazine coming out soon. The Lampoon sent me a copy because I had written about H-bomb when it was first announced. I totally bought into it & showed it around the office … thankfully […]

These Iraqi blogs springing up are very interesting … this post is a few days old, but still worth reading:

Itís the day that brought me back to life. Itís the 9th of April and Iím free, and they will not steel my joy again and they will not silence me. A year ago at the same date, the thieves and criminals prevented me from celebrating my freedom in the open air, and today thieves, criminals and fanatics are doing the same, but they will not steal my happiness that is making my soul fly and dance with joy and they canít stop this. …Yes, itís the 9th of April. I lit the 1st candle today to celebrate my 1st year, as a free man and no one will prevent me from celebrating. I, who the earth is no longer enough to contain my feelings, I who have wings now, and I donít have to carry an IDÖIím Iraqi. I have the right to wander through my country southwards and northwards, without being stopped by someone to ask me who I am and where Iím going. Iím the son of the 9th of April.

CNN just had something about how Republicans are trying to make John Kerry’s website the top result for “waffle” I just happened to be on Google when they did their report, though, and couldn’t find Kerry in the top 12 pages of results for a waffle search.

So my comments last month about former USA Today reporter Jack Kelley, unmasked as a fraud, created a small stir. Here’s what I said on Romenesko:

Apologies for Jurgensen, Moon? 3/20/2004 2:09:31 PM

From DEREK ROSE: One wonders if all the people who so nastily attacked USA Today editor Karen Jurgensen and publisher Craig […]

Very interesting NYT magazine article:

Yet what really merits outrage about DDT today is not that South Africa still uses it… It is that dozens more do not. … Independent malariologists believe it kills two million people a year, mainly children under 5 and 90 percent of them in Africa. Until it was overtaken […]

Okay, so I kinda redesigned the blog, added a comments section. I also have new windows for my bedroom! Fuzzy webcam image:

So far today I’ve received 26 emails to my “anything at derekrose.com” email address… and 25 of them have been spam.

Thankfully – most of them have been filtered succesfully into my Outlook “spam” subfolder thanks to Spam Bully, my Outlook ad-on … it cost $30 but I think has been well-worth it. You […]

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