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wikinvest whoops

Here’s a sobering computer security story. So I signed up up for wikinvest.org about two days ago, but didn’t immediately receive a confirmation email. Then this afternoon I did… along with a second message saying my brokerage account had been added. That’s odd, I though; I didn’t link my brokerage account. I opened the email, […]

2008 goals week -1

So I am getting a jump start on the Goals for 2008. I have decided to label this week -1 and next week week 0, so as to start 2008 on week 1. (However I want full credit for everything I accomplish in the waning days of 2007!)

Here is my progress so far.

1. […]

Goals for 2008

In past years I have not been one for New Year’s resolutions. But I have three for 2008 and I am going to post them here.

1. Amassing a score of at least 285 out of 300 on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test. To do this I would have to average 19 (strict) pullups […]

Rent vs. buy calculator

In case you haven’t already seen it, the NYT has a neat rent vs. buy calculator that accompanies this article.

what to do with my 401(k)

So the bulk of my assets are in my old Daily News 401(k). I will just go ahead and tell you how much that is: $93,990.08 as of Friday. I didn’t that much money at the News, but was diligent about not doing the typical New York thing and spending all my money in rent. […]

free coffee

FREE STARBUCKS COFFEE for next two hours … until noon today Thursday 3/15.

running to music & cell phones

So I have been really enjoying my Sony Ericsson w810i, which doubles as an MP3 player. I bought a 4 GB memory stick duo for it and have loaded no less than 600 songs onto my phone. The interface for downloading songs isn’t as simple or flexible as my old Samsung player, but it works.


Roth vs. traditional IRAs and 401(k)s

Okay, so does everyone know the basic difference between Roth IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) and traditional IRAs and 401(k)s? With a traditional IRA and 401(k)s, your contributions are tax-deductible … but you pay income tax on withdrawals from the account when you take the money out (after age of 59 1/2). With Roths, you pay […]

housing deals

Obv. hard to find a super housing deal in Manhattan, but I feel they’re out there. Like one of my friends at the Times was among a group who homesteaded a Lower East Side property years ago (basically a legal squat). Another close friend and sometime blog-commenter got to pay no rent increases for years […]

to rent or to buy

So in December 2001 one of my best friends Tallman and I decided to get a place together. He would get a roommate and I would move into the city from Astoria, Queens. We were talking about renting — but I remember once, over beers, I suggested maybe we should buy instead? Tallman was fairly […]


So the one thing I did do in my 20s was start an automatic investment program. And that is my big money advice to y’all. A Roth IRA is just a good idea for any young-ish person who is eligible. (those earning up to $114,000 $166,000 in 2007).

This is probably very basic advice, […]

burned by internet stocks

So when I was in my 20s, working in New Hampshire, I worked my butt off and eventually got on staff at the statewide paper there. This was the first time I was making any money — it was a pretty good salary for someone my age, living in a low cost-of-living state.

One […]