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cape verde in nyt

Interesting story on Cape Verde and international migration in the NYT.

my grandpa in world war ii

My grandfather was a remarkable man for many reasons … his World War II experience among them. He was trained as a spy, shot down over Axis territory and held as a prisoner of war in Nazi Germany. He died when I was in high school, from kidney failure as a result of drugs he […]


I have been on Propecia almost three months now. According to the Web site you’re supposed to see improvement in “as little as” three months, although it seems like six months is more realistic. I haven’t noticed any real different, but it’s actually very hard to see the back of your head. (Or even take […]


plasma Originally uploaded by derek7272

So the plasma TV got here the other day. Samsung HP-T5054 via Amazon … $1800. I will be paying it off for awhile but that’s OK. It is a very beautiful television, very sleek and stylish with great picture quality. I still need to figure out how I am […]

sleepy kitty

Coco in a bowl. Originally uploaded by derek7272

college reunion

I will be going to C’s 10-year college reunion at Yale this weekend, which should be interesting. (She is going Friday; I’ll join her sometime Saturday). I imagine I’ll end up meeting her college boyfriend, and there’s a possibility I’ll meet up with a sorta S.O. of my own.

C. was talking last night […]

google street view

If you’re not familiar with it, this Google Street View thing is pretty neat. Google hired all these trucks with 360-degree cameras to go out and film all these urban areas and added the results to Google Maps. Like, here is a street view of my apartment.

And, via Drudge, here is a street view […]

the great sock massacre of ’07

So I have a LOT of socks. A lot a lot a lot. I think it all dates back to when I lived in New Hampshire in the late ’90s and had a lot of disposable income but had to drive to the laundromat … sometimes I’d just end up buying new socks or underwear […]