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A death in the desert as world peace experiment stumbles

It was to be a mind-altering experience: Three years, three months and three days spent in silence in a remote desert valley, meditating on the great mysteries of life and praying for an end to war and suffering. But now the experiment for world peace has gone wrong. One of the participants is dead after being kicked out of “great retreat” amid accusations he and his wife had engaged in bizarre, spiritually inspired domestic violence. […]

can you get a stroke from doing yoga?

Does yoga cause strokes? New York Times science reporter William J. Broad has certainly been making the case that it does. In his new book “The Science of Yoga,” Broad makes the case that yoga is associated with rare type of strokes caused by either cartoid or vertebral artery dissection — tears in one of […]

how dangerous is this whole ‘yoga’ thing, anyway??

It’s enough to disquiet even advanced practioner’s savasana — the idea that yoga can “wreck your body.” The yoga world has been thrown into a tizzy by a Jan. 5 article by New York Times lead science writer William J. Broad, suggesting that the “‘the vast majority of people’ should give up yoga altogether. […]

detachment versus passion – my take on the Yoga Sutras

So one of the things we had to do for our yoga teacher training program is write a brief (one-page) essay on both books one and two and three and four of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the classic yoga texts, perhaps written by Sri Patanjali anywhere from 5,000 B.C. to 300 A.D. […]

resolutions for 2009 update!

Okay, so when I made my resolutions for 2009, I promptly ignored them, unlike my resolutions for 2008. However the nice thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that you have a year to do them. And I have refocused lately and hope to have completed all or nearly all of these this year.

Here they […]