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papi problem

papi suckling Originally uploaded by derek7272.

So little Papi has developed a little oral fixation. Yes basically he will try to nurse from any exposed human skin. He is so desperate about it, I’m sure if I had any milk in my arm he would have extracted it. And plus he kneads with his […]

nyc, dating and gender ratios

I thought awhile back that I had said all I had to say on dating. However my last post was so popular (or at least controversial) that I have decided to say some more. So here goes.

In NYC it is commonly understood that the single women vastly outnumber single men.

“How can you […]

this whole not drinking thing

It has been very tricky, this whole not drinking business. Monday I went to Corner Bistro with my friend Tanya. However she ordered a Stella and I have to admit I did too. I felt guilty about this as I did not last very long on my no-alcohol pledge. However it was just one beer. […]


derek+cheryl Originally uploaded by fauxy.

with Cheryl B


A dear friend of mine is very depressed, and that has me thinking of another friend who was very depressed.

I met Jen freshman year of college; she lived in my dorm. She was short, with long stringy hair and an off-kilter sense of humor. She’d tell me things like how she was “worried” about […]

connecting moms

This is my friend Tanya‘s latest business venture — Connecting Moms. She is not a mom and neither am I, obviously, but it is still a neat little idea, like a Friendster-type service for mothers.

Imagine giving and receiving real everyday know-how on the many stages of motherhood. From expecting women about to become mothers, […]

detox diet

So did my first race in awhile, the four-mile Run for Central Park on Saturday in … umm … just under 30 minutes. Yeah. Alright, it was 73 degrees and 94% humidity, not exactly ideal running conditions. And I think I do particularly badly in the heat. I really have not been running well at […]

beach footy

T’was probably not the best idea to play football in those tight designer jeans, I wasn’t too good.

working on my tan …

pic Originally uploaded by derek7272.

as we look for seals on cape cod with a few other journalist-types last month.

mom and me

mom and me Originally uploaded by derek7272.

So it was my mom’s 60th birthday on Saturday and to celebrate she’s over in the U.S., from New Zealand, for the first time in well over a decade. (Maybe two?) In any case she, my sister Meredith and Meredith’s boyfriend John just arrived from N.Z. yesterday. […]

flip flops

I quite like being a guy. While I love chicks, I have no real desire to be one… or wear their clothes.

But I’ll tell you: there’s one element of the female wardrobe that always made me jealous, that I always aspired to: open toed shoes. Who on earth wants to wear socks and shoes […]

dating at 34

So in the past few weeks I have turned 34 and attended the wedding of one of my best friend’s. This has me thinking about certain things. Here is one of my fears: that the dating market thins out as you get older, that more and more of the cool attractive single girls get “snapped […]

cats and indie rock

little papi Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Controversy? What controversy? There’s nothing here to see, folks. Who could ever find a picture of a little kitty objectionable?

(I will say that the kittens have been refighting WWII in my apartment, it is something to see)


i wonder this myself as well sometimes

vassar book Originally uploaded by derek7272.

VC ’94..

party photo

_DSC8047 Originally uploaded by brianvan.

Me and the Brazilian Muse at a rooftop party the other day…

little papi

kitten Originally uploaded by derek7272.

It’s hard to get photos of the kitties as they are so active, most of what I take just turns out as a blur. But I was able to get Little Papi to hold still for a few seconds while I snapped this photo.


the kitties are here

FW: Originally uploaded by derek7272.

They are very cute rambunctious and tiny balls of fluff. I have named them Papi and Coco, after certain Red Sox. Little Papi is the more curious one, he is getting into everything. Here he is peering into my shower. Coco keeps getting stuck in my cabinets for some […]