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‘Pakistani women defy threats, run mixed marathon’

The Christian Science Monitor and the BBC both have articles today about Lahore Marathon, which went ahead as scheduled this past weekend in Pakistan despite threats and efforts by Islamist groups to ban women from the race.

There were armed police on every corner, reports the Monitor, and 400 people were arrested at a […]

another photo

Here’s a better photo of me in the tuxedo … a Manhattan in one hand, our apple martini-lovin’ new member at large in the other.

And here’s one of me, H. and two other Flyers after the Manhattan half.


blog was down

Popularity has its price … derekrose.com was down for most of Sunday as I had exceeded my bandwidth (2 gig/month). Now I’m on the 5 gig plan, for $44/year. That plan lets me gives me additional “mySQL databases” — basically, I could add on a photo gallery or somesuch if I want. We’ll see.


Tux Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Every guy should own a tuxedo… I got this one used on ebay last year. Tonight is first i’m wearing it, off to flyer award party. Crashed at manhattan half marathon earlier, did sucky. Hurt quad (not badly)


nyc photographers

Some peope think I have a cool job. And I guess compared to the folks who sit in offices all day, crunching numbers or somesuch, it is not bad. But the people I am impressed with are photojournalists, especially the nyc photojournalists. Especially the independent nyc photojournalists, the ones not on staff for anybody. They […]


Who says necklackes are just for girls? I have been wearing this, sometimes.

(When you can’t think of anything interesting to say, post a photo…)

I did really enjoy this Editor & Publisher story on pre-written obits. The AP has about 1,000 of them on file. The story has this gem of an anecdote:


everyone’s an effin’ blogger

I went to this small little blogger meetup party Monday night, an anniversary party for the WhatISee photoblog. It was at Vintage, just around the corner from me. (There are some photos here, including one of my arm).

Anyway, the funny thing wasn’t that there were other bloggers at this meetup — it was that […]

‘revenge has a killer body’


latest rundown

Is up here.

frostbite 10miler

For some reason the NYRR website is down. But I was just under about 1:13 for the Frostbite 10miler, or roughly a 7:15 pace. I don’t want to say I’m satisfied, because that’s still about three minutes over my PR. But I ran 7:32s at the Hot Chocolate 15K, so can’t be too unhappy about […]

saturday night

Okay, after going out the past four nights in a row, I am taking it easy tonight and have been watching “Sphere” on the WB and cleaning my bathroom. Ahh, the bachelor life. Perhaps later I will stop by for a brew at Perdition, although I do have a race tomorrow. We shall see.


drinking vs. running

So today I got my overtime $ from the West Virginia sojourn, which is great (51 hours!). But I must say I have been slacking with the running, and it all started with that same trip. Working 20 hour days isn’t exactly conducive to running, and alas once you get out of the habit in […]

how people find me

Lists like this are a bit of cliche, of course. But still amusing.

Search terms people have used to find this blog, past month (not a comprehensive list):

best running music (9 searches) hot jewish girls (7) world s.u.m.o challenge (3) who pays for dates (2) katie domaingue (2) athlete men pics (2) meeting jewish […]

latest rundown

The latest Rundown is up. Yeah, it’s been a little while, there was the holidays and then I was out of town for a week. Next week Beast is going to do it; I’m looking for guest-editors for after that.

other sago stories

My photographer during the first few days of the Sago mine disaster, Todd Maisel, has written his own account of what happened for the National Press Photographers Association.

This was obviously not the work of gullible media, but of journalists pushed to their limits and everyone wanting the miners to be alive. It didn’t help […]

taking the money

I never blame athletes such as Johnny Damon for taking the money. It’s easy for us to sit back and say, he’s got $40 million already, what does he need another $12 million for? (People in Ethopia probably say that about us … he’s already got $80,000, why does he need another $20,000 for?)

Anyway, […]

friday is my saturday

So I have the day off today, as I do almost every Friday. I’m taking Sunday off, too, since I worked through last weekend and didn’t get any three-day weekends in December. And my canceled Freshdirect order is going to come this evening. Hurray!

Wednesday I went running using an old pair of running shoes […]

media blackouts

A number of people have criticized the media for blacking out the name of kidnapped Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll for 48 hours in the hopes her release could be negotiated.

“You’ve got to ask yourself who else we would have singled out for this special treatment?” the president of Military Reporters and […]

sago dilemma

Here’s an truly interesting interview by the Canadian radio program “As It Happens” on the Sago mining tragedy. (Requires Realplayer). Zoe Ludski, the news director of West Virginia’s WDNE radio and a resident of Buckhannon, W. Va., is the guest.

Zoe, whom I met down there, got a heads up as early as 12:45 a.m. […]

sago mine disaster/ media flubbub

Hi all. I am back at my Hell’s Kitchen apartment. Here is the full account of what happened with the whole “miner’s alive” flub. I’ve made a few minor edits to my earlier draft. I’ll just try to tell you what happened from my perspective.

It was closing in on midnight Tuesday night. My photographer […]