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mcmartin pre-school apology

That the McMartin pre-school ritual abuse case never happened isn’t exactly news. But now the L.A. Times has this fascinating first-person (“as told to”) account from one of the former pre-schoolers, now 30, who admits he lied and offers an apology:

I remember them asking extremely uncomfortable questions about whether Ray touched me and about […]



Theo Epstein stunned the Red Sox and the baseball world this afternoon by walking away from his job as general manager. Just hours before his deal was set to expire at midnight, Epstein told his bosses and associates at the Red Sox’ Yawkey Way offices that he had decided not to accept a three-year […]

marine corps marathon

Check out Uptown Girl’s awesome race report:

Mile 24 brought the Pentagon. This meant absolutely NO CROWDS. There were a few marines but not a whole lot to help out. This was a bit annoying as I was really starting to hurt like hell at this point. I was still managing 8:30-8:45 min/miles somehow […]


So I decided I wanted to be a cheap bastard frugal about the whole Internet thing… I mean, that could be another $40 a month I’m spending on beer, right? Anyway, I my back was feeling better, so I wandered over to Compusa this afternoon and picked up a “Supercantenna,” this thing that looks like […]


so the party was fun … i think there were about a dozen people there during the course of the evening … no pictures, alas, as my cameraphone lacks a flash and the lighting was too dim. Then somehow while sleeping i managed to hurt my back — have been in bed, reading, for most […]

new haircut

In advance of my little shindig tonight, I figured it was time to do a little personal grooming. Actually I needed a haircut anyway. Also got a razor shave from the fine young Russian barber a few blocks from my new digs. Nice little luxury.

Tricky to get any decent self-portraits, but whatever.


New shoes

Stopped by the Running Company store in the Time Warner Center this morning and picked up a pair of New Balance 1060s for the marathon … I had been running in the Nike Pegasus for the longest time, but I don’t like the feel of their newest model. And I have wide feet … […]

nyc running blog directory

So many people are creating running blogs, I decided there should be a directory of the NYC running bloggers.

latest rundown, up and running

It’s here.

“the running red sox fan”

Someone’s trying to steal my schtick!

rosa parks

I thought this front page was excellent — very effective. Simple and powerful.

The headline on the website reads, “She sat down & stood tall.”

hurricane wilma

My friend Matt in Boston just out this email:

With all the media reports about Hurrican Wilma turning into a nor’easter with floods and wind damage across New England, I thought I’d go outside and photograph some of the damage first-hand. Brace yourself– this was taken right here in Somerville:



My younger brother Adam has become quite an accomplished amateur photographer. A few photos from his photoblog and Flickr stream:


a challenge

I just laid down the gauntlet with a challenge to Beast over the upcoming NYC marathon. He beat me by just over a minute in the last race we ran together, Grete’s, but I had run six miles before the race … while he had gone on a big swim the day before. If you […]

no free wifi

So I finally got my computer hooked up in my new apartment last night … installed my new WiFi card … found no less with four different networks … but they were all password-protected. What’s wrong with these people — haven’t they ever heard of sharing??

goodbye to all that

Finished up my NYC Marathon training yesterday by running the Flyers‘ Fall Foliage Run around the New Croton Reservoir. Very pretty and scenic … saw a couple deer on the course. I did 20 miles, not fast. It was raining heavy when we left Saturday morning, and I was really dreading getting drenched, but it […]

you’re invited…

Kick off Halloween weekend in style! All my regular readers are invited for cocktails at this little housewarming bash I’m throwing next Thursday, Oct. 27, at Perdition. Many yummy cocktails, and 16 draft beers on tap, “each swan neck tap is individually chilled by the Kilkenny system.” Come check out Hell’s Kitchen … I’ve reserved […]


Here are the rules: 1. Go into your archives. 2. Find your 23rd post. 3. Find the fifth sentence (or the closest one to it) 4. Post the text of your sentence in your blog along with these rules. 5. Tag five other people.

Okay, I’ve been tagged by Su, but my 23rd post […]

coffee kitkats & sumo

I tried the Coffee Kitkat Chelle keeps mentioning … good, but not that good.

Also, the World Sumo Challenge is this Saturday at MSG … I’m thinking I might (possibly) go.

apt update

So far so good for the apartment. I still have a bunch of work to do unpacking and whatnot, but it is coming along nicely. Yesterday I went running in Central Park and today in Hudson River Park. Great to have these choices. Last night I went to see fellow runner and blogger Benjamin Wagner […]