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men aren’t actually failing….

Hanna Rosin’s new book is out today, and I suppose I should read it to fact-check it, because it seems like no one else will. In the Times today, David Brooks gives a preview of what’s to come, asking “Why Men Fail.”

You’re probably aware of the basic trends. The financial rewards to education have […]

male-female ratio and dating

Here are a couple charts examining why it can be misleading to look at male-female ratios and conclude that someplace — like New York — is good or bad for dating.

Basically, in the United States for the past 60 years, for every 1,000 girls born there’s been between 1,046 to 1,059 boys born. In […]

guys (still) kick ass – part 1

It’s hard to imagine a more talked-about magazine article in recent years than Hannah Rosin’s 2010 essay in The Atlantic prophesying ““The End of Men.” Guys, she argued, are just not cut out for the New Economy and are being surpassed by women. The proposition has inspired a lot of debate, a forthcoming book by […]

NPR, Center for Public Integrity ignored details in University of Wisconsin alleged rape case

This week NPR and the Center for Public Integrity highlighted the case of Laura Dunn, a former University of Wisconsin student who says she was raped April 4, 2004, by two members of the men’s crew team. The case, which was picked up by a number of blogs, is said to show how campus judicial […]

interesting NYT story on gender roles at restaurants

By Frank Bruni:

Although the goal in many public places and in much of public life is to treat men and women equally, most upscale restaurants haven’t reached that point.

Then again they haven’t really tried all that hard. They’ve learned that ignoring gender is risky, and often foolish, because men and women approach and […]

NYT’s Tierney: Gender gap in running suggests men are naturally more competitive

I’m quite a fan of the NYT’s John Tierney, and he has another interesting column today exploring personality differences between men and women. On personality tests, Tierney writes, “women are more cooperative, nurturing, cautious and emotionally responsive. Men tend to be more competitive, assertive, reckless and emotionally flat. Clear differences appear in early childhood and […]

singles map of the united states, revisited

So remember that “singles map of the United States” I blogged about awhile back? Via Gawker, this guy says it is bunkus because it counted all singles aged 20-64. When you look at people in their 20 and 30s there are actually more unmarried men than women in New York City and around the nation. […]

‘The Uneven Playing Field — Girls’ Sports Injuries’

I thought this story in the NYT magazine was v. interesting particularly for its obv. implications for gender equality. Apparently in the wake of Title IX, girl and young women athletes are getting hurt far more often than male athletes.

Michael Sokolove writes:

Girls and boys diverge in their physical abilities as they enter puberty […]

‘A singles map of the United States of America’

Interesting story from the Boston Globe on male-female ratios in American cities:

It’s not just that some places have more singles than others. If you’re a single man or a single woman the odds of meeting that special someone vary dramatically across the country.

By far, the best places for single men are the […]

‘how can guys be so lazy around the house?’

Bryan Caplan says he doesn’t understand how a gender war arose among housework:

In my view, it is largely a case of misplaced resentment. When women see how little housework men do, they interpret it as “shirking” — a willful violation of basic norms of decency. Men, in turn, feel unfairly maligned by the accusation […]

‘A Double Beefcake, Light on the Dressing’

Interesting story in Washington Post on new beefcake underwear advertisements for Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein:

The advertisements are celebrations of the male physique, the kind of artistic adoration that dates back to classic statuary. Beckham and Hounsou are photographed to look larger than life, with their muscles exaggerated thanks to dramatic lighting or a […]

‘fat is the new normal’

I was watching “House” on FOX the other day (the only non-sports program I watch other than “Heroes”) and Dr. House was trying to persuade this obese woman to lose weight. At first he thought she was pregnant, then it turned out she had a benign tumor. But she didn’t want it removed — no, […]

‘Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature’

This Psychology Today article was posted I guess back in September but has been zipping around the blogoland recently. It purports to use evolutionary psychology to explain “why most suicide bombers are Muslim, beautiful people have more daughters, humans are naturally polygamous, sexual harassment isn’t sexist, and blonds are more attractive.”

I’m not really qualified […]


Discovered via Facebook two blogs from my college friend and editor, Jessica Z. One is “Fat Girl to Triathlete“. She was always this hot little ticket in college but I guess afterwards at one point weighed 189 lbs. at 5-foot-3. Anyway Jess is now an Ironman (-woman?) triathlete and dedicated meal-tracker (and mother of two […]

income disparities in dating

The Times has a story about income disparities in relationships:

For the first time, women in their 20s who work full time in several American cities — New York, Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis — are earning higher wages than men in the same age range …

The shift is playing out in new, unanticipated […]

nyt: women in 20s make more than men in nyc

Women in their 20s now make more than men in a number of cities including New York, L.A., Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis, the NYT’s City Room reports. And as a side note:

[T]he gender gap could have implications for marriage rates if women, who are already more financially independent, are seeking mates with at least […]

todd seavey on feminism

My friend Todd Seavey is one of the most engaging, hilariousand socially-connected people I know. And he finally has a blog! This denunciation of feminism has gotten a lot of comments. I don’t agree with everything he says — and “feminism” is one of those fuzzy words that can mean a lot of different things […]

where the boys at

I’ve written about NYC’s gender ratios before… here’s a little tidbit from Sunday’s Times:

Men now outnumber women [in Lower Manhattan] by a ratio usually found in towns with all-male colleges, military bases and prisons, and in a few enclaves in Silicon Valley, with high concentrations of engineers and workers in other male-dominated fields.

Since […]

No-period pill Lybrel awaits FDA approval

This is thrilling news for any guy who has dated a whose bad PMS has made his life hell: Lybrel, a birth control pill that eliminates a woman’s monthly period, should be approved by the FDA in May:

Doctors say they know of no medical reason women taking birth control pills need to have a […]

more sexism from the NYRR???

Okay, I am all for women’s racing, women’s races, etc. etc. I don’t really mind the female-only races like the Mini 10K, the More Marathon, the More Half-Marathon or the Junior League Mother’s Day 10-miler.

But why must EVERY YEAR the men get up an hour earlier than the women for the Al Gordon Snowflake […]