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toilet training kitties

So I first read about the CitiKitty idea on HK comedian Mindy Raf’s blog about two years ago … the idea of toilet training kitties! To actually use the toilet instead of a litter box! I know, it seems crazy, huh? But if it works…

So this CitiKitty toilet training kit is basically a piece […]

sleepy kitty

Coco in a bowl. Originally uploaded by derek7272

injured papi

injured papi Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Poor little guy. But aside from his banged-up mouth, he seems to be fine. (Photo taken last night – he’s healing).


adventures in moving

So here is my moving tale. Or tale of moving. I am moving my 1BR two and a half blocks, from one three-story walkup to another. I decide I will use try using the $19 per man/per hour movers you see advertised on countless utility poles around Manhattan.

They are 2 1/2 hours late — […]

‘Of ware-selling Resident Cats and their machismo tendencies’

More from C:

We arrived on Monday to Isla de Margarita and sped across the island to reach Playa El Agua, a sandy beach with rolling waves and groves of coconut trees away from the water providing a respite from the hot sun. Lining the road, vendors were selling local art, necklaces, t-shirts with the […]


I am at a hotel by the airport with C. Have been in-country for about an hour few real first impressions. The airport was v. sleek and modern. The taxis are Ford Explorers. At the airport a baggage handler steered us to an unofficial money-exchanger where we got 3,200 Bolivars for each American dollar, much […]

longful kitty

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Coco likes looking out at pigeons that roost right by my window. Unfortunately watching him can lead to heartburn as he does this.


kitchen kitty

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Papi likes hanging out in the kitchen … too bad he can’t cook.

perfect killing machines

This is for certain friends who have been questioning my heterosexuality because I have kitties. From the NY Post.

There are many things about cats that appeal to the manliest of men. To start, cats are extraordinary athletes. They can leap several times their height without a running start, right themselves in midair and […]

conehead kitties

conehead kitties Originally uploaded by derek7272.

The little coneheaded, newly-neutered kitties are back at Chez Rose. I guess they have to keep the lampshade thingees on for a week. They have been much more lackadaisical since their return and even let me have a good night’s sleep last night — something that’s been pretty […]

homosexual felines

So as you guys know that I am pretty open-minded when it comes to the gay stuff, right? (Well, for a guy who is completely straight). I mean I live in Hell’s Kitchen, take the occasional date to gay bars and have a couple of gay friends. I guess it all comes from attending a […]

papi and coco and the laser pointer

The video is after the jump.

UPDATE: Okay, it’s working now.

the kitties say hi

I’m just hanging out in my apartment on a Saturday night with the kitties, since I have a marathon to run tomorrow. The kitties wanted to say hi.