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The Rundown

So the latest carnival of the runners is up and running here… I decided to change the name to The Rundown, though. It’s still the blogosphere’s official Carnival of the Runners, though, so people can refer to it by either name.

Kudos to this week’s editor, Dianna, who did a great job with it, as […]

elimination of error

We make errors. We admit that we make errors. There’s no pretense here that we have the resources to eliminate every error. Anyone who expects to find an Encyclopedia Britannica level of accuracy from daily journalism is going to be sorely disappointed. […]


I just got back from reporting on a “chow-off” at the USS Intrepid between various sailors in town for Fleet Week. Mmmm … actually I didn’t have that much to eat — it’s hard to hold a pad and a plate at the same time. But it was still very cool to be there and […]

anonymous sources

All these people who get so mad at the press for using anonymous sources should realize that sometimes it’s just the only way to get information about what the government is up to.

For example, at work I subscribe to the DoD’s email list and get a lot of transcripts emailed to me. Briefings are […]

i’ve thought this for awhile now

John Cole:

I am really beginning to think many of you guys out there don’t want an independent media — you want a damned public relations firm.

I also liked this Matt Taibbi column in the NY Press:

The most absurd aspect of the Newsweek scandal was the whole idea of a “media out of […]


4 x 1mile @ a 6:00 pace on the treadmill last night. Nice. I’m thinking I’ll run the Long Beach 10 mile “trophy run” with Beast on Sunday. Friday I’m going to see the Red Sox/Yankees game. Yay!

Other than that, not much to say…

Annenberg survey

The University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center has released a survey it conducted on attitudes toward bias, accuracy, partisan journalism and press freedom.

I was one of 673 journalists polled (I blogged about it here), so it was interesting to read the results of the survey. The survey also included 1,500 members of the […]

running carnival – week 4

Up and running — probably our best carnival yet!

(update 5/25: link fixed!)

more suggestive male pics

So former NYDN editor Roberto Santiago, now at the Miami Herald, has been writing about his bodybuilding odyssey for the paper:

It took five months for me to transform from a 197.5-pound man with 22 percent body fat to a muscular 169-pound athlete. My natural bodybuilding odyssey began last Dec. 9, and the intense […]


A small scooplet in today’s paper in today’s story on Ronald Grecula, arrested in Houston for allegedly trying to build a huge bomb for an FBI agent posing as an Al Qaeda operative. In exchange, Grecula allegedly wanted Qaeda to off his estranged wife, Monique Grecula. I had an interview with Manuel Mireles, Grecula’s boyfriend. […]

koran & toilets 2

So I couldn’t sleep and decided to do a little self-technorati-ing when I found my name is coming up in connection with the Koran/toilet issue … this story from last year:



moving on

For people who think my shorts are obscene … check out this picture of my best friend Dylan, competing in a half-Ironman triathlon the other day.

Dylan just announced today that he is getting married and moving to California — congratulations, Dyl!

(more pictures of him in action here … Apparently he forgot […]

better than an iPod…

… is a real, live running partner.

The other day I wrote about bloggers getting dates from their blog. But I think the real trend might be bloggers getting together for runs!

Last week Chelle met up with Alison for two runs through Central Park … and today, I met up with Beast for a […]


Does the Observer’s Ben Smith really think that mainstream newspapers should maintain a blacklist against social conservatives? So it would seem:

This is such a perfect snapshot of the way in which the News constantly gets tangled over its own feet in trying to be, and yet not be, the Post. Hiring a woman banished […]

Queens half-marathon photos

SP32-20050520-124905 Originally uploaded by derek7272.

There’s a lot more here

behind the scenes

So this is very flattering, especially since I’ve enjoyed many of Ms. Bussel’s Village Voice columns…

Behind the scenes stuff, eh? Hmm … well, this was a funny story in today’s paper:

How derriere you, judge? He boots butt-patting abuse case BY ADAM NICHOLS DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER

How does this grab you, ladies?

A […]

back in the saddle

Did the central park loop in 44:24 this morning (7:24 pace; 168 avg HR). This is the same loop I did last week in a sluggish 51:24. No doubt in my mind now that I was overtraining.

Beast gave me some good advice, that basically if you can’t get your heart-rate into a good training […]


Here’s the story from my competition in Esquire’s best-dressed contest.

[M]y style is more along the lines of casually casual – or maybe just plain casual.

It’s not that I’m a sloppy dresser – it’s just that I often … dress sloppily.

I’d rather rely on my suave good looks, charm and sophistication to get […]

carnival mark 3

This week’s Carnival of the Runners is up and running!


So my editors have decided to torture me.

Esquire is holding a “Search for the best dressed real man in America” event at Macy’s today.

They think it might be fun for someone to go to the event and write a first-person story about it. Unfortunately, that someone is me.

Are you well […]