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I have planned my 2008 summer vacation. A couple days in Chicago July 24-27 at the Unity journalism conference and hopefully a Cubbies game, and then off to Jackson, Wyo., to tool around Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. I plan to bring my tent and get in some good hiking action.

The Orinoco River delta & the Warao Indians

This will likely be my last post about Venezuela — last but not least, though. Our trip to the Orinoco River delta was definitely the high point of the trip. Originally C. and I had just planned to hang out on the beach: on Margarita Island (pop. 100,000, a “free port” with hotels and bars) […]


I jiggled my fishing rod up and down in the water, like the others were doing. Piranhas are attracted to noise, and here I was fishing for one with a slender stick of wood and an attached line.

I felt something on my line. Was the lure hitting the river bottom? I raised the line […]


cart Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Here are some photos my friend Cat took on our wine tour last month.


wine tour

So one of the few things I dislike about New York is that unlike Boston, it seems like there is not a lot to do immediately outside the city. Boston has neat places like Salem, Newburyport and Marblehead all within an hour’s drive — where can you get from Manhattan in an hour? Hmm… well, […]

go hiking with the mofo!

The Mofo is using Craigslist to organize a trip to Cerro Aconcagua, a 23,000-foot mountain on the border of Argentina and Chile:

We are a group of three experienced high-altitude hikers living in Boston, and we’re looking to round up a few more like-minded people to go and climb it.

Basically, we figure that by […]

sooo nice out

I’m back at home after spending an hour sunbathing in Hudson River Park. Sometimes it is nice to have Fridays off!

Tonight I’m watching Benjamin Wagner perform at Piano’s with Bex, Flygirl and Tallman, and Saturday I’m going to Alli-Z’s party at Lava Gina which should be a lot of fun.


coast to coast success

So (as longtime blog-readers may remember) when in New Zealand last year my stepsister Irene competed in the Coast to Coast, a 151-mile race multisport race. The stages consist of a 1.8-mile sprint, a 34-mile cycle, 20-mile mountain run, a 9-mile cycle, 42-mile kayak and 43-mile bike ride.

Last year — on a very hot […]

blizzard pix

Taken by yours truly, mostly on my walk to work.

Also, Dawn just bought the whole office blizzard pizza! Hurray for Dawn!

UPDATE: I sent one of these photos to S., who is visiting L.A. She sent me back this cameraphone pic:



My friend (and sometimes blog-commenter) Matt just got back from a trip to Kilimanjaro. He organized an expedition group using Craigslist! Three guys and three girls. Four of them made it to the summit. Here are a few of his cool pictures from what sounds like an amazing trip:



well, I’m back home safe … wish that could be said for everyone … it was a great vacation, will have more to say about it later … can’t quite believe i missed the biggest news story of the year. Unbelievable.

Maroon Bells

08-24-05_1739.jpg These are the Maroon Bells near Aspen, some of the most photographed peaks in the world… Originally uploaded by derek7272.



solar charger Here’s a little gizmo I’ll be using to charge my cell phone and satellite radio in the wilderness … a Coleman Exponent Flex 5 solar charger … cool, no? Originally uploaded by derek7272.


here’s where I am

The Boomerange Lodge in Aspen. I’ve never really been up at altitude before … the air really is thin and I’m still getting used to it.


So the trip to Colorado is on! I’m headed to Aspen next Tuesday to visit my brother Evan — who is working in a bar or something and has Wednesdays and Thursdays off. Friday I’ll head to Denver, maybe stay there a day. (Oddly enough, it looks like it’ll be cheaper to rent a car […]