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88 leonard lottery update

So awhile ago I had a post about a housing lottery for 88 Leonard, a luxury Tribeca highrise that was built in part with tax-exempt Liberty Bonds meant to revitalize downtown after Sept. 11. In exchange for millions of dollars in tax breaks, the developers of the building agreed to include 18 rent-stabilized units.

The […]

my apartment on youtube

After the jump, you can see it as it was shown to us.

derek update

So the apartment is taking shape, sorta. The whole “moving in” thing actually ended up being far more stressful than either of us expected. (I even got a canker sore). Neither of us have ever lived with a S.O. before, and I think part of it is that when you’re dating someone you’re actually supposed […]


FW: Originally uploaded by derek7272.

apartment in shambles…

messy apartment… Originally uploaded by derek7272.

So we moved in Thursday and are still unpacking. It is sort of a disaster zone in fact. I’m def. happy to be living with my girlfriend, but we have lots of work to do getting settled! We have two of everything and so much “stuff.” It can […]

In the new apartment!

Last night was the first night in the new apartment! We slept on a mattress on the floor as there’s a tight turn in the stairs, too tight to bring up C.’s box spring. She is going to try to get super to bring it in through a window this afternoon.

We both have […]


Does anyone want my 7-foot tall wooden bookshelf? (see here without shelves, but it comes with shelves) There is a tight turn in the stairs at the new place and it won’t fit. So right now it is in the building foyer and landlord wants it out. Free to any blog-reader if you can pick […]

injured papi

injured papi Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Poor little guy. But aside from his banged-up mouth, he seems to be fine. (Photo taken last night – he’s healing).


adventures in moving

So here is my moving tale. Or tale of moving. I am moving my 1BR two and a half blocks, from one three-story walkup to another. I decide I will use try using the $19 per man/per hour movers you see advertised on countless utility poles around Manhattan.

They are 2 1/2 hours late — […]

My (old) apt., on craigslist

Here. They’re trying to get more money for it.

I will have more to say in a bit … been busy moving. Almost out of this apartment, as you can see. (Anyone want to buy my queen-sized IKEA bed?)

misc. stuff

Have been busy packing. This will be the fifth apartment I’ve lived in since coming to New York in October 2000, which is a little crazy, but I’m v. excited about living with C., the apartment, and just being in a good relationship. (It was a long, long search).

Some various stuff:

I have decided […]

apartment keys!

apartment keys! Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Just picked these up today….

todd seavey on feminism

My friend Todd Seavey is one of the most engaging, hilariousand socially-connected people I know. And he finally has a blog! This denunciation of feminism has gotten a lot of comments. I don’t agree with everything he says — and “feminism” is one of those fuzzy words that can mean a lot of different things […]


apartment signing Landlord marks X-s for us to sign at landlord’s office.

So guess what loyal-blog readers. Mere hours ago girlfriend C. and I gave a large chunk of money a broker and a landlord … and are moving in together!

It’ll be the first time I have ever truly lived with a girl, […]