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there’s been occasions when i coulda used this…

A new gmail setting called Mail Googles (found in the “Labs” tab) forces you to complete math problems before it lets you send emails late at night on weekends…

goals week 2

I am just getting this in under the wire! I promised to do one every week, and ideally this meant Monday or Tuesday. But maybe it is a good thing I am late. Part of the reason for the delay is that earlier I was v. discouraged on the whole diet front … I was […]

nelson blue

So on Thursday I went to Nelson Blue, New York’s first kiwi bar by the South Street Seaport, about a 10 minute walk from my new pad. It is a sleek, beautiful bar that was quite busy around 1 a.m. It is named for Nelson, New Zealand, where owner Pauli Morgan hails from. I walked […]

better photo

Okay here’s a better photo of us … don’t know why I wasn’t smiling ’cause I was in fact having a good time…


cart Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Here are some photos my friend Cat took on our wine tour last month.


more jello shots

Two more jello wrestling photos, I’m in the green shirt, while one of my fav. tabloid reporters can be seen cheering.

(Photos by Brian Van and Yian Huang)

lansdowne road

So the latest pub innovation is a strip of ice running along the length of the bar. I first saw this at Vlada bar and thought it was purely decorative. But of course, it is not. You put your drink on the ice and it keeps it cold for you. Neat. I encountered this at […]

more HK bar reviews

I have a new favorite venue in Hell’s Kitchen: Bamboo 52, a sleek sushi bar that opened in June but I have only just discovered. It features a 40-foot bar, two flat-screen TVs, a DJ and an outdoor patio. Like so many of the new bars opening up, there’s a huge focus on aesthetics, the […]

bar crawl photos

Well, I am not going to reveal the secret blog identity of the hot brunette in the photo with me… but this is from the Hell’s Kitchen blogger bar crawl on Saturday. More photos here.

this whole not drinking thing

It has been very tricky, this whole not drinking business. Monday I went to Corner Bistro with my friend Tanya. However she ordered a Stella and I have to admit I did too. I felt guilty about this as I did not last very long on my no-alcohol pledge. However it was just one beer. […]

detox diet

So did my first race in awhile, the four-mile Run for Central Park on Saturday in … umm … just under 30 minutes. Yeah. Alright, it was 73 degrees and 94% humidity, not exactly ideal running conditions. And I think I do particularly badly in the heat. I really have not been running well at […]

prof thom’s bar review

I’m taking credit for suggesting Alexis review Prof. Thom’s for the Village Voice. The article went online yesterday and will be in this week’s Voice:

“We can wear our hats here, and not worry about obnoxious Yankee fans,” one Red Sox–lovin’ barfly confided to me at Professor Thom’s. The Yanks battled the Sox on the […]

more hk bars

And I am here to review them all for you. Saturday I stopped into Circus, a new bar at Ninth and 43rd. However we did not stay. It is much the same scene as Rudy’s, just nearby: a dive with free hotdogs and cheap beer. Fun, but I guess we felt too old for it. […]

skeeball is coming

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited…

Sign at Rufus bar in Hell’s Kitchen.

hell’s kitchen: an appreciation

I’ve been in Hell’s Kitchen six months now … and gosh, boy do I love it here. Some of the reasons why:

Running in Central Park every morning. It’s like a mile from my door. Seeing docked cruise ships when I step out the door in the morning. (picture taken from my window). Being around […]


So went with Jon to Pressure last night for an open-bar NCAA party. He had $900 on the line as would have taken first place and $1,200 in his office pool if UCLA won. As you all know it didn’t work out that way and this woman who knew little about basketball beat him out […]

more ninth ave. activity

It’s called the Wee Pub on Ninth Ave. — obviously not open yet, but from my glance in the windows, it looks inviting enough. It’s right next to Vintage, on Ninth Ave. between 50th and 51st. This is in addition to Valhalla, which opened up a few months ago on Ninth between 53 and 54.


Monday musings

Assorted thoughts:

Did 14 miles in the park on Saturday. Did the double-loop in 1:40, 10 minutes faster than my time from two weeks ago. Running the loop today, I saw some elderly Chinese guy walking his cat on a leash near Central Park North. The grey cat looked awfully regal. I had a story […]

stalk me!

I’m now displaying my dodgeball checkins (rss feed) in the top of the “sidebar” that runs along the right hand of this blog. If you’re not on Dodgeball yet and enjoy carousing in nyc, get on it. Basically it uses cell phones, text messaging and a Friendster-like interface to facilitate drinking with friends … thanks […]

sunday hangover

I totally got cell phone service (Verizon) on the C train from 59th to 34th St. this morning.

Last night went to this nightclub Cain which was quite fun. It had been a long time since I had been to a nyc club, actually. A good reminder, I was right in my assessment of the […]