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small claims court case – update

So regarding my previously-blogged-about small claims case against my ex-landlord, I did get the check from the management company this week. Have already sent half to my ex-roomie and used the rest of pay off debts…


So I think my friends would tell y’all that one of my biggest flaws is that I’m a bit of a mess. Or at least a slob. Let’s just say that my apartment has often been a disaster area. However I am trying to be better. And I have been, lately. In fact I recently […]


So saw Sex and the City at midnight … I really couldn’t believe that Carrie was the one who died! It was diabolical. What a plot twist … and being hit by a bus, no less!

four giant waterfalls to rise from East River

Have other people heard about this? There’s going to be four giant, temporary waterfalls in the East River this summer, including one at the Brooklyn Bridge.

NJ marathon photos


craig newmark on bloomberg tonight…

Posted for a friend of mine ….

Tonight on the BLOOMBERG TELEVISION(r) program “Night Talk” anchor Mike Schneider talks to Craigslist founder Craig Newmark about the eBay lawsuit, politics, and the quirky culture at craigslist.org.

“Its not that we’re anti-social, its just that we don’t care about money the way corporations usually do…nothing altruistic or […]

I win!!!!

So remember how my old landlord withheld one month of my security deposit last year? In case you don’t, to recap: A few months after signing a two-year lease with my then-girlfriend C., we split up. We gave them plenty of notice, but they didn’t find a new tenant. So we continued paying rent […]

‘The Uneven Playing Field — Girls’ Sports Injuries’

I thought this story in the NYT magazine was v. interesting particularly for its obv. implications for gender equality. Apparently in the wake of Title IX, girl and young women athletes are getting hurt far more often than male athletes.

Michael Sokolove writes:

Girls and boys diverge in their physical abilities as they enter puberty […]

outdated product reviews – fusion power

razor Originally uploaded by derek7272

I have finally upgraded to the Gillette Fusion Power. And I gotta say, it is pretty nice. It just glides over my cheeks. I put off buying the Mach 3 power for years; when I finally tried it I was so sorry I did. Most guys have to shave […]

NJ marathon

The official results aren’t posted yet, but according to my wristwatch yesterday I ran a 3:38:37 in the New Jersey Marathon, which I’m very happy with. The conditions on the pancake-flat course were excellent: overcast and cool. Just as soon I finished the sun came out, too, so I wasn’t freezing in my wet clothes.


i’m still here

Hi, sorry about blog-absence, I am still here alive and kicking. New Jersey Marathon on Sunday! I am hoping for about a 3:40 or so. I am still working the overnight shift at the L.U.N.O. (Large Unnamed News Organization).

Actually I need to think about other career options as the company is “regionalizing” the department […]

residence inn ad

You’ve probably seen this before if you watch much TV … but it’s still a pretty amazing ad. The performer is Jinny Jessica Jacinto, a former Cirque du Soleil contortionist. The ad is one of a series shot in Prague and features the re-composed music of Andrew Bird. Stunning.