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happiness is a warm puppy

Little Kaylie McCay all snuggly in my lap during this weekend’s drive to Boston… Originally uploaded by derek7272

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kaylie mccay Originally uploaded by derek7272

So from Sept. 10-18 I will be taking care of this cute-as-can-be Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Kaylie McCay. Who was imported from Ireland! And is just about three months old! And is not completely housebroken!

That that last one was proven tonight as my friends K. and […]


mofo Originally uploaded by derek7272

The Mofo was in town today!!! Admit it, y’all were curious what he looked like.

crossfit drama…

I really like going to Crossfit NYC, but sometimes there can be a lot of drama associated with its message boards..

olympic photos

Kind of an amazing gallery of Olympic photos.

summer streets fun run

So I have really dialed back the running for the past couple weeks. What happened is that I tweaked my right ankle … maybe as far back as the spring. I think I hyperextended by Achilles tendon training for the NJ marathon back in May. It didn’t really bother me at the time, but over […]

fantasy football draft

I know much less about football players than baseball players, but took part in my first fantasy football draft today in a league Tallman created. Here is my team.

Round 1, pick 3: Brian Westbrook. RB 2, 18: Tony Romo. QB. 3, 23: Larry Fitzgerald. WR. 4, 38: Willie Parker. RB. 5, 43: Dwayne Bowe. […]

bert and ernie ante up

male topless photos

Here is a little question for the interwebs. So I was dumped last Sunday, right? (But just from a little six-week thing). Decided to reactivate my online dating profile. (But I may not even bother with it as I met a girl at this party Wednesday and had a great time with her Friday … […]


Hey, guess what? A story on Yellowstone and the 20th anniversary of the devastating 1988 wildfires just moved on the wire. Check it out.

This is a picture that I took of some of the many burnt-out trees in the park. I’ve uploaded the rest of my photos (including this close-up of the same tree […]

‘Want to live a long life? Run’

The headline could be taken as a threat (“Want to live a long life, boy? Start running…”), but it’s an interesting article

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – People who want to live a long and healthy life might want to take up running. A study published on Monday shows middle-aged members of a runner’s club were half […]

things accomplished on vacation

In Chicago:

Saw Wrigley and a Cubs game that went into extra-innings. (But the Cubs lost) Ran along Lake Michigan. (Actually, I’d done that before). Did yoga and Pilates at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, an incredible Frank Gehry-designed sound stage. (Has there been another architect as influential since Frank Lloyd Wright?) Went to […]


i am home! More pictures/tales of adventures to come tomorrow…

Lake solitude

Lake solitude Originally uploaded by derek7272

I’m hiking this now … Weirdly still have signal. With two guys from ohio. Very pretty hike

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Canyon Originally uploaded by derek7272

Can’t believe i have cell service this high! There is snow…

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Can’t believe i have service up here! I

Can’t believe i have service up here! I Originally uploaded by derek7272

Can’t believe i have service up here! I am high up on ridge between mountains! And there is snow!


Me at top of Mt. Sheridan

Me at top of Mt. Sheridan Originally uploaded by derek7272

Here i am at top of Mt. Sheridan. It is about 10,000 feet … But Yellowstone is already high so elevation gain was ‘only’ about 2,600 feet. You have to walk 7.5 hilly miles to Heart Lake to get to mountain though. So 21.5 […]

Old Faithful

Old Faithful Originally uploaded by derek7272

Old Faithful


Elk! Originally uploaded by derek7272

I am in Yellowstone, just saw old Faithful and now elk!

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