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sooo nice out

I’m back at home after spending an hour sunbathing in Hudson River Park. Sometimes it is nice to have Fridays off!

Tonight I’m watching Benjamin Wagner perform at Piano’s with Bex, Flygirl and Tallman, and Saturday I’m going to Alli-Z’s party at Lava Gina which should be a lot of fun.


cameraphone pic

me Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Me at my desk… my new cameraphone seems to have better resolution than the last one.

love children

So for the second time this year, yesterday the N.Y. Post had a “love child” on the front page. This time it was Randi Johnson’s daughter Heather Roszell; on Jan. 30 it was Isiah Thomas’ son Marc Dones.

The stories are a little similar: each was fully financially supported by their father, but never saw […]

explaining flirting, probably not well

So twice in the past month I’ve tried to explain flirting to grown men. How the hell do you explain something like that?

The first time was in the comments section of T.A.B.’s blog. I understand he first started dating at age 30, so I guess his confusion isn’t surprising. The second guy, who we’ll […]

recovery runs

Are “recovery runs” worth it? Yesterday I did 18 hard miles, so this morning I did three really slow miles. I was basically just plodding, really. I can’t really believe it had much cardiovascular effect at all. I almost feel like it is a wasted effort.


“You like angry music,” Flygirl told me as I bounced suggestions off her Friday over IM for my huge running mix.

Actually, for running, I like furious music. And this is going to be a furious mix. It is four-fifths finished … it is so good I may even bring it for the Scotland Run […]

cell phone problem

my cell phone’s screen is messed up. I can make and receive phone calls, but can’t access my phone book, and no text messages. eep!

UPDATE 3/26: I got a new phone. It is the same model as I had before, unfortunately. 🙁 The problem with having a free phone from work, I guess.


Okay, so I don’t know how many of y’all have been following the Washington Post’s “Red America” controversy. But a quick recap: Ben Domenech is this 24-year-old screechy editor of the blog “Red State” whose idea of dialogue was calling Coretta Scott King a “communist.” (As Facing South notes, this was the kind of line […]

coast to coast success

So (as longtime blog-readers may remember) when in New Zealand last year my stepsister Irene competed in the Coast to Coast, a 151-mile race multisport race. The stages consist of a 1.8-mile sprint, a 34-mile cycle, 20-mile mountain run, a 9-mile cycle, 42-mile kayak and 43-mile bike ride.

Last year — on a very hot […]


I am making myself a ferocious running mix for my MP3 player. We are talking 512 MB of fast-paced running tunes. Thank you to everyone that contributed to my last post on running music, esp. Uptown Girl (for introducing me to ATB) and my brother Evan (The White Stripes). I will post the full mix […]

Rundown: Brooklyn half-marathon edition

Sometimes, it just comes naturally. You just zone out, become a machine, and just find your pace. The Brooklyn half-marathon was like that Saturday for Uptown Girl:

When I hit straightaways, if all is well, I can just hit that “cruise control.” It’s almost to the effect of feeling effortless. A much different feeling than […]

‘plight deepens for black men, studies warn’

I am feeling grumpy. But here are two NYT stories for y’all. The first is on the gentrification of my neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen. “Call it Hell’s Renovated Kitchen,” the article says.

Then there’s a sobering article on the plight of black men in America. Things are getting worse, not better:

Especially in the country’s inner […]

‘Wanted: a few good sperm’

Interesting NYT magazine article on “single mothers by choice” — working women who are choosing to use sperm donors to get pregnant.

One woman, a 40-year-old graduate student in biology in the Midwest, told me shortly after her first insemination: “One of the things that was so powerful about deciding to have a baby on […]

wither the Rundown?

So as y’all may have noticed, the Rundown has been in a bit of hibernation. Well, there’s not a lot to say about running over the winter, anyway. (For those of you new to this blog, the Rundown is this “runners’ carnival” blog-roundup I started about a year ago).

In all honestly, I got a […]

Brooklyn half-marathon

Originally uploaded by RTreadway.

How cool is this? Two people have already uploaded photos of the Brooklyn half-marathon on flickr. I saw these two runners cross the finish line somewhere around the two- hour mark.

I am generally happy with my 1:35:57 (7:19 pace). It is nowhere near my 1:31 PR, but that was […]

sex and dating

Okay, so I’ve done my best to entertain y’all with my theories of who pays for dates, dating Jewish chickas, the three-day rule, and how much to spend on engagement rings. Now I feel it is time to bite off the big enchilada — sex and dating.

Once Mofo, his then-g/f and I had […]

brooklyn half

I can feel excitement building for the Brooklyn Half-Marathon on Saturday. The race has always seemed to me to mark the start of the summer racing season, even though daylight savings doesn’t begin until April 2.

It looks like there will be two NYDN reporters racing as well, E.E. and S.S. In my five […]

more ninth ave. activity

It’s called the Wee Pub on Ninth Ave. — obviously not open yet, but from my glance in the windows, it looks inviting enough. It’s right next to Vintage, on Ninth Ave. between 50th and 51st. This is in addition to Valhalla, which opened up a few months ago on Ninth between 53 and 54.


hurray for McClatchy

Okay, this is inside baseball for those of you outside the journalism business … and really basic for those of you in it. But after putting itself up for sale, Knight Ridder — the publisher of the Philly Inquirer, the Miami Herald and the San Jose Mercury News — has agreed to sell itself to […]


Oof Originally uploaded by derek7272.

These ain’t my chips… Just lost $60 in Texas no limit. Megan McArdle (janegalt.net) lasted longer but is also out. Mariegryphon.com was good luck charm to this guy. We’re in d.c.