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yeah manny

I’m glad you’re still with us Manny! Talk about dramatic…

wrong again

Dean Esmay is wrong again on just about every detail of this attack on the mainstream press:

I was stunned this morning to read that the President survived an assassination attempt in the nation of Georgia. A grenade was thrown at him and went off about 25 feet from where he was standing.

…back in […]

and in health news

My story today:

Study gives echinacea cold review BY DEREK ROSE DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER

Echinacea isn’t so hot when it comes to beating a cold, a large federal study has found.

The popular herbal remedy was no better than a placebo in preventing or easing cold symptoms, the National Institutes of Health-funded study found.


Joe and the Guardian

Glenn Reynolds and Roger Simon are shocked, shocked that the Guardian wrote a story defending itself against the false charge it employed a member of a terrorist organization. Simon: “It’s sign of our media times that the lofty Guardian has seen fit to attack the blog of a ‘mere’ Dartmouth undergraduate.”

The mainstream press — […]

latest rundown

I am in Virginia … but here’s the latest Rundown, check it out!

P.S. it is very very hot here.


heading out of town on business

terrific Fareed Zakaria column

From Newsweek:

If you want to understand what motivates suicide bombers, watch the recent movie “Downfall.” Based on eyewitness accounts, it chronicles the final days inside Hitler’s bunker. In a particularly harrowing scene, Joseph Goebbels and his wife are given the opportunity to have their six young children flee to safety. But Magda Goebbels refuses […]


So aside from the name of a handsome tabloid reporter, “Derek Rose” is actually also the name of a luxury British pajama line. (The company was started in 1926 by a Jack Rose; Derek is his son, who joined the company in the 1950s).

Their domain name is derek-rose.com, but sometimes people sending email forget […]

not so hot

Well, last night lacked the stifling humidity of previous days, so I decided to go for it in the Nike race …

Big mistake, of course. I am such a jackrabbit at times! I’ve probably run 100 races or so, you’d think I’d know how to pace myself. Hold back for the first half, […]


My pod-mate, education reporter Joe Williams, is guest blogging at Eduwonk.com this week.

nike run hit wonder

So the Nike Run Hit Wonder is tonight … v. excited. Joan Jett! I really haven’t been running very well in the heat and humidity, which has been dreadful. But Joan Jett! It’s 87 right now and it’ll probably be about the same race-time. But it’s just a five-mile race. Seven minute miles?

outsource your job

From the Times of India via Newmark’s Door:

Says a programmer on Slashdot.org who outsourced his job: “About a year ago I hired a developer in India to do my job. I pay him $12,000 out of the $67,000 I get. He’s happy to have the work. I’m happy that I have to work […]

some answers about the Camden boys who died in trunk

A few answers are starting to emerge about the three missing Camden, N.J. boys who suffocated in a car trunk last month. It’s now believed they survived between 13 to 33 hours before succumbing.

In my story today, I tried to explain a little bit how the authorities arrived at that conclusion:

Camden County Medical […]

Bush’s pick

Reuters says it’s John Roberts

i’ve often pondered this myself

From E&P:

How do you report a story about a man who dies while having sex with a horse?

Apparently this farm was a “destination” spot for people looking to molest horses … and maybe goats, chickens and sheep.

Poynter letter

I have a letter posted on Romenesko letters, the popular journalism forum, on this ongoing debate over the media’s Iraq war coverage. Unfortunately, some of the links got left out of my letter as it was posted. Here’s what I sent in:

Saying Fallujah “fell off the media map after the major blood-letting ended,” Michael […]

latest Rundown: Dawn on the Run

The latest Rundown is up and running.

Iraqi school openings

Why the international media isn’t latest Iraqi schools being built:

Is it really that bad in Iraq? It’s hard to say because the international media cannot adequately cover the war and Iraq’s reconstruction because it’s simply too dangerous. I would love to write about new schools being built and local village leaders learning about […]


What a bad loss. Why did we have to have Alex Cora batting in such a big spot (bottom of the ninth, no outs, bases loaded, down by two). I’d have much rather seen Kevin Youkilis in that situation. Bring back Youk!

Every word’s a purl

So Dawn and me aren’t the only NYDN-ers blogging. Here, Carrie tries to dispel the stereotype of the hardboiled police reporter with a knitting blog!