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be careful out there

By Adam Nichols:

A Madison Ave. surgeon left a patient virtually impotent after operating to lengthen his manhood, a lawsuit claims.

Eric Neuberger, 31, contends his pre-op libido let him “engage in intercourse approximately 30 to 50 times a month.”

But his sexual appetite was destroyed by Dr. Rodney Barron’s work, Neuberger said.


So did a little over nine this morning in the park… did the big six-mile loop at 7:54 pace. I’ve been saying I’ve needed to increase my weekday mileage, so it was good to up get this in. Also, my average heart-rate was around 170 for the last 25 minutes (with a max of 195)… […]

blog feud! blog feud! blog feud!

Lindsayism takes on Stephanie Klein.

Can’t wait to see how this one turns out…

worth reading

Here’s an amusing, epic saga of a college student who tried to hire a random stranger via instant messenger to write a term paper. It didn’t quite turn out how she might have planned it.

Stephanie Klein walks out on a bad date.

Veiled Conceit takes on Touré, the brother I enjoy watching on […]

times square

finally got this little disposable camera developed… from the last new year’s eve.



And dammit, I like that I’m gritty enough to be out there. When conditions are really miserable, you just have to remember that your competitors are out there doing their workouts and rolling over and going back to sleep is tantamount to forfeiting the race. Every morning now I wake up and think about […]


Am I naive to be stunned by this? Dr. William Hammesfahr was touted several times on Fox’s Hannity and Combes and MSNBC’s Scarborough Country as a “Nobel-Prize nominated neurologist.”

Only that’s, well, a lie. (Why mince words about it?). Hammesfahr’s “nomination” came from Republican congressman (who was apparently encouraged to do so by a […]

more on Karnazes

60 Minutes had a segment on my new hero, Dean Karnazes:

It is hard to believe, as is just about everything these ultra-marathoners do. When Karnazes trains, he’s out the door before dawn, running through the city streets, over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the hills.

It’s believed that Karnazes has run farther […]

hospice dying

My former co-worker, Shawne Wickham, has a moving piece in today’s New Hampshire Sunday News on an 88-year-old dying of lymphoma in a hospice:

Madeline Urbach was clear from the start: No chemotherapy, no radiation. And when the time comes, no respirator, no feeding tube.

So there will be no artificial means to prolong […]

more LSD

So a little over 20 miles in the park today … 3 hours 27 minutes, 58 seconds. Not sure of the exact distance, but 58:07 for the second 6.0273 loop (9:38 pace) and 1:03:32 (10:32 pace) for the third. So if we assume an even 10 min/mile pace for the whole thing, it was 20.8 […]

Brooklyn half marathon photos

Three more here.

friday catblogging

Flash gave one of these cats “green eye” — I guess the kitty equivalent of “red eye.”

I’m submitting this to the weekly Carnival of the Cats!

up a notch

So 7.8 miles in the park this morning … I’ve decided I need to get in more mileage on weekdays. I also need to push myself more. Back to using my heart rate monitor, today was supposed to be a hard run but average heart-rate was just 168. (and my pace was just 8 min/miles) […]


I’ve been reading some of Ryan Sager‘s reporting on the role of Pew Charitable Trusts in passing campaign-finance reform. It’s a complicated story, but after listening to about 50 minutes of videotape from former Pew staffer Sean Treglia, it seems to me that Sager has the gist of it right: that Pew “astroturfed” grant money […]

living wills

I wrote this story for today’s News as a sidebar to the Schiavo case.

The Terri Schiavo case has caused a flurry of interest in living wills, but doctors and lawyers say there’s a better way.

A second-generation instrument for medical planning known as a health care proxy is more flexible and generally superior […]

view from my loft

I have a confession — technically, I guess, I’m not a New Yorker. I live in Union City, N.J. Cheaper rent, a 10-15 minute commute, lots of space … and quite a nice view: (For those of you not from here: the tallest building, in white, is the Empire State Building. To the left of […]

milbank on bias

This essay by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank echoes a lot of my own thinking:

I think the growing volume and the vitriol of the bias accusations are part of a new — and dangerous — development.

Partisans on the left and right have formed cottage industries devoted to discrediting what they dismissively call the […]

scratch n’ match disaster

If only this were anonymous blog …

Well, it isn’t, and I generally try to be a Good and Loyal Corporate Employee. Thus I have little to say about the Scratch n’ Match mixup that had a number of rather upset people coming to our door to complain this weekend. Eeeesh. Apparently the fault wasn’t […]

New York’s best sports bars

Matt Marrone in Sunday’s Daily News looks at New York’s best sports bars.

It’s a pretty good list, I thought. My favorite “pure” nyc sports bar is the Back Page. One place I enjoy that’s not on the list is Bar 515, which bills itself as “the perfect combination of sports bar and sophisticated urban […]

conference call hijinks

What reporters shouldn’t do on a conference call with a U.S. senator:

No wonder Democrats can’t get their message out: When Sen. Hillary Clinton held a conference call with reporters on Medicaid cuts yesterday, a reporter who put his phone down without hitting “mute” subjected listeners to his apparent flirting on another call.

When Hillary […]