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sweeps, golden trifectas & delirious happiness…

So on Sunday I watched the Red Sox sweep the Rockies at my pad with Tallman, K. & E. After the clinching strikeout there were a couple high-fives and then my bleary-eyed guests departed. Not at all like 2004 when I was embracing strangers at the Hairy Monk and dancing into the wee hours of […]

the papelbon pickoff

So for those of you not watching the World Series last night… the BoSox were protecting a 2-1 lead in the 8th. Matt Holliday hits a wicked line drive that nearly takes out both pitcher Jonathan Papelbon. Second-baseman Dustin Pedroia snares it on a great dive, but can’t make a play. Holliday’s now at first, […]

ground zero construction

ground zero construction Originally uploaded by derek7272

Latest photo. I’ve made the 4 WTC photos a “page” on this blog, which means it exists outside the normal chronological hierarchy and that you can access it under the “pages” link on the right-hand sidebar. Or via this link.. That way I can just add the […]

Red Sox & the world series…

Sooo… where to begin.

Can you believe after the first game against the Indians, I was worried we’d roll over the Tribe too easily and it wouldn’t be exciting?

I have a bet going on with a Rox fan at work — winner of the series buys dinner for the desk we work on, while […]

4 wtc

This photo, taken Oct. 11, is of the southeastern corner of Ground Zero, Church and Liberty streets. It’s the future site of 4 World Trade Center aka 150 Greenwich St., a planned 64-story office tower designed by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki. This is where most of the activity at Ground Zero seems to be occurring […]

freedom tower, pic 4

freedom tower, pic 4 Originally uploaded by derek7272

This week’s pic…

ReBeCA V.?

So Curbed is having a contest to name my new neighborhood, which it calls “not quite TriBeCa, not quite FiDi” (Financial District, although I’ve never heard it called that.

A lot of people are saying it really is TriBeCa, but other suggestions include ReBeCA V. (Rectangle Between Chambers and Vesey), Lower West Side, Calvin, ChaCHa […]

freedom tower, pic 3

Freedom Tower Originally uploaded by derek7272

So yes all I have is this cameraphone. My photographic equipment from when I was a reporter/photog in N.H. was stolen from my car shortly after moving to New York. It was film anyway. But to give you the update … I don’t know if you can see […]

wedding photos

Some beautiful pics from my brother’s wedding…

freedom tower, 2nd pic

Freedom Tower Originally uploaded by derek7272

Taken 10/3/07 ….I might try to take a pic each week of the ongoing construction at ground zero.



Discovered via Facebook two blogs from my college friend and editor, Jessica Z. One is “Fat Girl to Triathlete“. She was always this hot little ticket in college but I guess afterwards at one point weighed 189 lbs. at 5-foot-3. Anyway Jess is now an Ironman (-woman?) triathlete and dedicated meal-tracker (and mother of two […]

more crossfit photos…

Thanks to Allison …