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emily wax

I was curious about the Washington Post reporter, Emily Wax, who wrote that story on the Ethopian girls who are running to escape a life of servitude. Did a little research on google. Apparently Wax, who is 31 or 32, was one of the few American journalists report much on the genocide in Sudan:

During […]


Earlier today I had lunch at Vynl with Frank Myers of the Citizen Frank blog and his wife Renee. Eighteen months ago he an Army reservist was practicing law in Birmingham, Ala. when the Army called him up and sent him to Iraq to work on the reconstruction. I found his primary 2008 blog when […]

‘facing servitude, ethopian girls run for a better life’

From the Washington Post:

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Virtually the only way for Tesdale Mesele, 13, to avoid soon being married into a life of housework and childbearing was to run.

So that’s what the spunky girl with matchstick legs and a ponytail did. She ran along the rutted dirt roads of the Ethiopian highlands, […]


I sometimes run with my friend M. — who kicked my arse in the NYC marathon. We have a 12-mile run scheduled for Saturday, in fact. In our last couple runs since the marathon I got the sense she’d been … well, not slacking, but spending more time spinning than running. So today she told […]

kerry burke talks a lot of s–t

Okay, so the little reporters’ drink-fest I was at the other day has now made the NYT. (thanks to commenter Tom for pointing this out). Like I said before, I don’t really think the idea of reporters getting together for drinks is exactly news. But it’s a nice little story:

At the crime scene, reporters […]

aaah youth

A U.S. teenager decided to travel to Iraq to “go the extra mile” for a school essay. Farris Hassan has Iraqi parents, but had never been to Iraq and speaks no Arabic. Via the AP, here’s portions of the essay:

Life is not about money, fame, or power. Life is about combating the forces of […]

‘where the boys aren’t’

Here’s an interesting article from the Weekly Standard on the growing gender imbalance at U.S. colleges and universities:

Here’s a thought that’s unlikely to occur to twelfth–grade girls as their college acceptances begin to trickle in: After they get to campus in the fall, one in four of them will be mathematically unable to find […]

‘Settling the score’

I’m listening to the radio interview from This American Life of one of our new reporters, Erin Einhorn, who spent over a year in Poland researching the story of this family who saved her mother from the Nazis:

Stories about the lengths we go to make things right, and about what money can and cannot […]

the bee stings again

Via OpinionJournal, here the Sacramento Bee credulously repeats the hoax about a U-Mass student being visited by the feds after ordering Mao’s “Little Red Book” via interlibrary loan … the same story the Standard-Times acknowledged as a hoax three days ago.

“What else is on that ‘watch list’ — Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ or ‘Das […]

an upgrade

This blog is now running on WordPress 2.0, up from 1.5-something. Yay!


Christmas present from my brother Evan …

christmas dinner

So I saw S. tonight, for the first time since I picked up my stuff back in June. (We talk regularly, just haven’t seen each other in person, even though she lives and works pretty close to me). We watched “The Interpreter,” ate Chinese and exchanged a few presents. It was good to see her, […]


Not for the easily offended, but … go to google. Type in “baby jesus” and hit, “I’m feeling lucky.”

a haiku

So many nice single gloves wait patiently for their mate if only i was one-handed

What to do with these gloves? I’ll do whatever y’all tell me …

UPDATE: Couldn’t get the damn poll to work, sorry. Just leave a comment…


little red hoax

It turns out the UMass-Dartmouth student who said he was visited by Homeland Security agents after checking out a copy of Mao’s “Little Red Book” made the whole thing up. I can claim vindication to my editor, who had seem slightly displeased earlier when I wasn’t able to nail down the story.


So I’ve lived on W. 50th between Tenth and Eleventh for, like, over two months now, and somehow had never ventured into Ruby et Violette across Tenth Ave. from me until today. A friend sent me this link noting the place is changing owners. I went ventured in today for, uh, my own blog research. […]

pedicab story

So on Wednesday, in the midst of the transit strike, my editor had the idea I would rent a pedicab and ride around the city looking for fares for a story. Only, the story was held for a day … and then yesterday the strike was resolved. So the story was “overtaken by events,” as […]

looks like strike is over

It’ll probably be official in a few hours. Not a moment too soon, really. I was realizing yesterday how the strike was really hurting peeps on the lower economic rungs and sorta regretted my joke-y post earlier. It was like, this was for a little bit, now I’m ready for it to be over.

P.S. […]

damon to yankees

Awg. Awg. Awg.

Overheard on Sox Therapy: “I wish instead of this deal, Brian Cashman would have driven to my home, knocked on my door, and kicked me in the nuts.” (although actually, this was written by a Yankee fan who hates the deal … Go figure.)

strike pitches

My email is clogged with various pitches from publicists on the strike. So far I’ve gotten offers of

a medical expert to discuss how the hospitals are coping with operating on skeleton crews an Internet discount travel agency announcing “they are offering one lucky commuter an all-expense-paid luxury Caribbean getaway for two including a dedicated […]