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return to more normal shift

Huzzah! After nearly two months of working a 2-10pm and 4-midnight shift, this week and next I’m on for noon-8 p.m.

I can see my friends again!

But it is a little weird in that I have today and Thursday off instead of Saturday and Sunday. But nevermind. My big project today: I took […]

more sexism from the NYRR???

Okay, I am all for women’s racing, women’s races, etc. etc. I don’t really mind the female-only races like the Mini 10K, the More Marathon, the More Half-Marathon or the Junior League Mother’s Day 10-miler.

But why must EVERY YEAR the men get up an hour earlier than the women for the Al Gordon Snowflake […]

perfect killing machines

This is for certain friends who have been questioning my heterosexuality because I have kitties. From the NY Post.

There are many things about cats that appeal to the manliest of men. To start, cats are extraordinary athletes. They can leap several times their height without a running start, right themselves in midair and […]

housing deals

Obv. hard to find a super housing deal in Manhattan, but I feel they’re out there. Like one of my friends at the Times was among a group who homesteaded a Lower East Side property years ago (basically a legal squat). Another close friend and sometime blog-commenter got to pay no rent increases for years […]


So C. works in public health but obv. could have a future in journalism … she’s a much better writer than me! She got back from her first trip to Venezuela last week; I’m planning to go with her on her second visit late next month. Here is a note she sent me about the […]

happy valentine’s day

I wrote this story in 2004 … my editors gave it to me ’cause of my byline.


Valentine’s Day is upon us again – and what could be more romantic than a dozen red roses from the local deli?

At least, that’s what many men say. With such a great mix […]

a running post!

So I think I mentioned in passing awhile back that my left knee had been hurty … since about mid-December? Only when I run. It was kinda scary as this is the knee I had arthroscopic surgery on in 2002, so I treated it gingerly as I worried I might have to give up running […]

to rent or to buy

So in December 2001 one of my best friends Tallman and I decided to get a place together. He would get a roommate and I would move into the city from Astoria, Queens. We were talking about renting — but I remember once, over beers, I suggested maybe we should buy instead? Tallman was fairly […]


So the one thing I did do in my 20s was start an automatic investment program. And that is my big money advice to y’all. A Roth IRA is just a good idea for any young-ish person who is eligible. (those earning up to $114,000 $166,000 in 2007).

This is probably very basic advice, […]

burned by internet stocks

So when I was in my 20s, working in New Hampshire, I worked my butt off and eventually got on staff at the statewide paper there. This was the first time I was making any money — it was a pretty good salary for someone my age, living in a low cost-of-living state.

One […]

The Mofo Finger Theorem

Given the nearly inert state of this blog these days, I have decided I will share yet another of my keen observations about women. To wit: stubby fingers are a sign of insanity.

As I am not a doctor, I can’t discourse on the precise medical causes behind this phenomenon. I believe that stubby fingers […]

can you see the second kitty?

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

This is one of their fav. places — my underwear drawer.

personal finance blogging

So the potential pitfall, as I see it, about blogging about money issues is that a) people making less than you will think you are bragging and be scornful; b) people making more than you might look down on you and be scornful; or c) people might think what you have to say is too […]

bad blogger…

Sorry the blog has been so boring lately. With the new job I’m not supposed to blog much about journalism-related topics. With the new girlfriend I’m in a good, drama-free relationship so don’t have too much to say about dating contretemps. With the Red Sox off-season and the Patriots eliminated there isn’t much to say […]