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soccer chick

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.

Actually, this is the girl I should be posting pics of me together with (Flygirl is just a friend). Tallman took this exquisite shot of us at Bar Veloce in Chelsea, a wine bar I recommend. And I’m afraid I’m going to have to take back all the […]

papi and coco and the laser pointer

The video is after the jump.

UPDATE: Okay, it’s working now.


Flygirl and me at H.’s party the other day.

the gender pay gap

Some more thoughts on the idea of this gender pay gap. When I was in West Virginia reporting on the Sago mining accident, everyone said that coal mining offered the only opportunity for good pay in the area. With experience and overtime one can make $75,000 or so in a state with a very low […]

christmas in new york

My Kiwi friend Cat’s take:

We do not have many Jewish people in New Zealand. It leaves one very unprepared for Christmas in New York.

For instance, we had a menorah in the lobby at work but only a couple of the lights were on. So I helpfully screwed the other bulbs in, admonishing […]


Gotta say I’m v. happy with the Daisuke Matsuzaka near-signing. A 26-year-old stud pitcher from Japan. This is great. But WTF, WTF, WTF with the $70 million JD Drew contract when they only offered Johnny Damon $40M???

It appears we’ve brought back Mirabelli and signed Julio Lugo for $36 million over four years.



I’ve finally upgraded my WordPress to version 2.0.5. Also installed another anti-comment spam device in the form of a simple math question. If you are a registered user you won’t have to deal with it, though.

graffiti & holding doors open

So I’m working a 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. shift this week. As I’m leaving my six-story walkup this morning around 10:40 I see three black teenage girls sitting in the vestibule where I get my mail. I exit and one of them catches the door as I leave.

“Thank you…” one of them […]

bus vs. bike

So Wednesday night I am riding my bike up 10th Ave. home from work, when suddenly…


The next thing I know my bike is careening toward the ground. I extend my left hand and lock my elbow, hit the ground and roll.

“Are you okay?” asks a motorist stopped at the W. […]


My sister took this picture of an iceberg that is floating off the coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Note the wing of her plane in the lower left-hand corner. This is the first time a ‘berg has been spotted so far north, but scientists say they don’t know whether climate change […]

last points race

So my running team, the Flyers, competes in the NYRR “B” division among the open men. And after 10 races this year we are tied with the damn Polacks for first place. Yes both the Flyers and the Polish Running Club have 133 points total with just one more race to go, the Joe Kleinerman […]

Multimedia message

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by derek7272.